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FHM Bionic Exclusive: Bro Talk With UFC's Alistair Overeem

<em>FHM</em> chats with "The Reem"&nbsp;about his favorite year in MMA, doing movies, and the possibility of opening a gym here in Manila!
by Mikey Agulto | Apr 20, 2015
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FHM Nation, are you ready for UFC Fight Night Manila? You've already met the (possible) Pinay Octagon Girls, right?

We know we're in for something really spectacular, a notion that was further fortified when we heard that none other than Alistair Overeem, the former Strikeforce champion and the UFC's No. 8 ranked heavyweight, was coming over here to help promote the event.

Last Sunday, April 19, FHM was able to have an insightful chat with "The Reem." We talked about his favorite year in MMA, doing movies, and the possibility of opening a gym here in Manila, among others. Read on!


"You know, I have five to eight more years left in me, if I'm being realistic. I am looking ahead. I've started doing acting classes recently—I've been doing that for the past six or seven months. That's big fun. I enjoy it. I already have some movie offers now, so that's something that I'm considering. I like it so far." 

"I'm looking to open up several gyms worldwide
with my team this year or the next. Maybe I could even open one up here in the Philippines. Who knows? I see that the reception is great here. We're definitely looking into that. The focus for now is the fighting."

"When I transferred to heavyweight, I did a lot of strongman training, squats, and all that stuff. Now, I actually don't do any of that. My focus is now on cardio, because it's the most important thing in MMA. The fights are very long—five rounds of five minutes. It's just as important to be able to fight in the fifth round as you do in the first. It's more important than strength."


"Before, I was focused more on power.
You know, I was successful because I used to destroy my opponents in one or two rounds. Now, I have more of a game plan going further into the fight. It's one of the things that Coach Greg Jackson focuses on. Sometimes, the "fight" will happen later on in the fight."

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"As we progress in our careers, we get wiser and cleverer.
I need to eat healthy—unprocessed food, a lot of water, and some vitamins and supplements. Everybody should educate themselves on this. You can't learn everything in one go. For me, it's 21 years of learning and educating myself. I have two different nutritionists. They help me with my training. You've got to dive into it."

"If I would have a son, and he develops the interest to become an MMA fighter, and he's got the talent and the energy, then I will definitely be his coach. I believe that with the talent I have, I can produce champions."


"I've had so many memorable fights,
but if I would have to go back to a memorable time, I'd like to go back to 2010. It was my championship year. I defended the Strikeforce belt with success, then I won the K-1 belt and the Dream belt. I was a three-time heavyweight champion. It was amazing. A very special year. And 2011 was also a very good one—I defeated Fabricio Werdum and Brock Lesnar that year. Good times, good times."

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