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Be Pogi From Head To Toe

A new pair of everything could do you good
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 9, 2012
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This is an era where we’re always under the all-seeing eye of social networks. Everything we do, everywhere we go, we are constantly being recorded. Everything we wear is also no exception. At this very moment, people are checking out your profile, and religiously keeping a record of how many times you’ve worn a shirt, and estimating how often you wash your jeans in a week. Looking awesome all day, everyday hasn’t been more important than today, because who knows when you’re going to get your picture taken, and consequently, tagged?

So how do you stay pogi? No need for full makeovers, now. A few bits and pieces here and there—a new watch or maybe a new pair of jeans—from time to time is all it takes. Go ahead and check out all the new stuff we've found below that's going to keep the staleness away from head to toe!

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