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Best Of FHM Guys Guide To Ruling 2017

Lessons we’ve learned from Bato, Baron, Michael V., Ely, Chito, and more
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jan 2, 2017
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2016 was not just a year of stunning cover girls for FHM, as the 12 months were also filled with memorable interviews with some of the country’s most inspiring gentlemen. These bros that have graced the inside pages of the magazine, are all living the life worth idolizing. #Goals, just as the millenials of today fondly say. Oh how we’d love to share a drink with these dudes someday!

The closest thing to making that wish come true? This. Everyone, join us as we take a look back at the best lessons that we’ve learned from the men of FHM. Just imagine sitting across these men, a cold bottle of beer in your hand. Cheers!

 In doing well in your chosen career

“I believe that if you do well, things like championships will take care of themselves.” – Tab Baldwin (July 2016)

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“Either go with the flow or get left behind. It really is a delicate balance.” Ely Buendia (August 2016)

“Leave your job at the door when you walk into your home. Don’t bring your work home with you. In the same way, to be a successful professional, don’t bring your home life to work with you, either.” – Big Show (September 2016)

“If it’s too expensive to go to school, go to the library same as I did.” – Conan Stevens (November 2016)

In being great at dating

“If they friend zone you, wait. Be patient. Friendship is a relationship patiently waiting to be discovered.” – Michael V. (March 2016)

“Talk to them (girls). Try to be friends first. Don’t jump into anything right away because when you rush things, it’s over as soon as it starts.” – Arjo Atayde (March 2016)

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“It’s normal for boys to chase after girls But when you get older, your priorities change.” – Chito Miranda (October 2016)

Kung gustong-gusto mo talaga siya, mag-effort ka lang talaga. As in yung kulit. Buhos ka diyan, bahala na kung mapahiya ka. ” – Bullet Dumas (June 2016)

Ang tamang swabe sa panliligaw kailangan walang drama, light lang. Wag clingy masyado, huwag masyadong makapit. Hindi bale nang biting (basta) wag sawa. Kahit sa text lang o sa tawag, mas okay yung biti siya kaysa sa sawang-sawa na siya sa’yo.” Ian Veneracion (September 2016


In navigating relationships

“In every relationship, dapat hindi ka matakot makipag-away. Kasi that’s how your resilience is tested—how you bounce back. If you can’t handle a fight, baka maghiwalay kayo kaagad sa first sign of conflict.” –Pol Medina Jr. (April 2016)

 “I don’t think I’ll ever understand the concept of love. It’s very complicated. There’s always someone else to consider. And parang when you mean so well, you end up doing something bad. It’s a lot more complicated than I thought.” – Ebe Dancel (April 2016)

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“There’s no formula on how to relate to women and understand them 100%.” – Dan Villegas (May 2016)

In paddling through life in general

Kailangan friendly sa lahat. Ke maliit, ke malaki, lahat dapat pakisamahan mo.” – Jimmy Santos (January 2016)

“Just be yourself, be the badass that you are.” – Baron Geisler (October 2016)

Hindi pwedeng we present ourselves as meek as a lamb. You should act to be in control.” PNP Chief Director Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa (September 2016)

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“This is still my country.” – John Arcilla (November 2016)

“Don’t just talk it; walk it. That’s really important.” – Coach Tim Cone (December 2016)

“For me, it’s not about the muscles or machismo. A real man is God-fearing. He knows what he wants, he won’t stop until he gets it, but at the same time knows his limits. He knows when to calm down and when to rage and stand up. He knows his responsibilities and knows what he needs to do to better himself.” – Eric Tai (December 2016)

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