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Start Your Day Right With These 7 Sunny Breakfast Places

A cup of coffee isn't your only option in the morning
by Anne Mari Ronquillo | May 27, 2018
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Ah, breakfast. What once was a culture exclusive to titas is now enjoyed by anyone with a bit of spending power. Late risers are missing out on the early morning charm of perfectly plated poached eggs and the kind of sunshine that won't give you skin cancer. To be served breakfast is to feel a little bit like Claire Foy in The Crown every time she's served some tea and cake. It’s so fancy and it definitely trumps cooking your own sorry scrambled eggs with corned beef in your own kitchen.

By now your question must be: "Where can I feel like this?" Sure, you can always run to McDonald’s for a quick sausage McMuffin (with egg) before 10 AM! But every once in a while, it’s nice to eat your first meal with a fork. Here are some places where you can do that.

Rustic Mornings by Isabelo

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We are loving this trend of naming restaurants like fashion labels a la Marc by Marc Jacobs. It holds such mystery and reverence for its creator. Who is Isabelo and why should we eat in his secret garden? The truth is it’s just the name of the street on which this joint stands. But it’s hard to care in the throes of early morning hunger so let’s take a look at the menu! Your eyes will default to a bagnet dish in -silog form but it’s better because the garlic rice contains parsley. Throw in a root beer float with your meal because God created it. 

Single Origin

Are you a little bougie about your coffee? Do you like being seen in BGC? Do you like eating breakfast in places where craft beer is also dispensed? Single Origin ticks all of these boxes. It’s hip and it’s got a robust menu of morning grub, anywhere from a light bagel to a full steak and eggs entree. As with any restaurant where you shell out at least P500 for a complete meal, the interiors and the plating are both Instagrammable.

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Bean & Yolk

If you like your morning environment to be clean and minimal without much visual ado, then perhaps Bean and Yolk’s new Westgate branch is for you to enjoy. True to their name, they are all about coffee and eggs. This is a place that can be appreciated by type A personalities because of the intense and specialized focus. It’s nice to just sit and not be overwhelmed by choices before your day even starts. Just tell them how you like your eggs.



If you somehow wake up in Plaridel, Bulacan or you just want to do a little morning drive and dine, we suggest running over to Cafe+ for the beignets. Don’t worry because they will teach you how to pronounce it. Also, their waffles are not playing around. They go all out on toppings and you’re not supposed to eat them alone. You can, but you shouldn’t because even Jesus broke bread. This cozy Bulacan brunch spot serves Pinoy favorites like crispy tapa as well as an intriguing Korean SPAM breakfast fried rice.

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Balay Dako by Antonio’s

Are you really hungry in the mornings? Do you not mind getting up extra early for an equally extra kind of breakfast... buffet? Do you ever wish to live in another country but hesitate because no one makes longganisa quite like Filipinos? Just let go of your immigrant dreams and embrace the cooler temperatures of Tagaytay in Balay Dako. It’s by Antonio’s so you already know it’s got nice ratings. The limitless puto bumbong, suman, and kutsinta will increase your gluten levels, but do you really care?

Pancake House

When you like comfortable and familiar, you like Pancake House. They’ve got the Tapsilog and the pancakes and the considerate kids menu. The best part is that some branches deliver! There are just some places that you can never outgrow.

Dean and DeLuca

Dean and Deluca is perfect if you like ordering food from the counter yourself but still want it to be expensive, or if you are nostalgic about the time you spent living in New York. Or maybe you just love foreign franchises and ostentatious displays of delicious bread and other pastries. We’re not here to judge our bread-loving brethren! If you can get past the intimidating vibe of well-adorned brunch-goers, you may actually enjoy your time at Dean and DeLuca.

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