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Bro, Papi, Tol: The FHM Dictionary Of Bro-Terms And Examples For Everyday Use

From amigo to 'tol, we shed light on the many ways that Pinoys call their best pals/buddies/compadres!
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 3, 2015
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If someone asked you the question "What separates humans from animals?" and you answered "The ability to conjure abstract thoughts," then you are most definitely not wrong. 

But if you're not smart enough to conjure an answer as smart as that, then how about we suggest ours: Unlike humans, animals lack the ability to think of creative terms of endearment for the special individuals in their lives. It's a scientific fact. While the wheel of puke-inducingly cute girlfriend-boyfriend names continually churn out the likes of BAE, honey-bunch, boo, and babylove, dogs are pretty much stuck with barking.

Unless of course, you're referring to "dawgs," which is just one of the many terms of brotherly endearment we call our chums, pards, and mga kumpare with. Here's FHM's full list of those, and examples of standard usage!


A Spanish term meaning "friend." An archaic term among masa people like us but still in use among society's mahjong-playing upper crust.

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What Manny Pacquiao uses to call his lifelong partner-in-crime, Buboy Fernandez. 

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Originated from fraternity members calling each other "Ka-brad." Later dispersed onto the public at large.


The Hawaiian term for "bro." Popular among surfers and gym bros in California and (pa)cool bros in the Philippines.

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The ultimate in men's terms of endearment today. Heavily associated with college jocks and fratboys that "get wasted" and "work out" but whatever, bro. You hear this word a lot in the natural mass migration-and-mating phenomenon called LaBoracay.


Shorthand for buddy and a synonym for weed. Best used with buds you toke with.

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Technically, a Filipino term for uncle until it was hijacked by pot-smoking dudes in the '70s as a term for their hippie bros. Still in massive use today.

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Shark bait composed of inedible fish parts or a close friend. OR a close friend you want to use as shark bait. Hasn't yet caught on in the Philippines, and possibly, never will—except for the times when you're impersonating Brits.


A term that comes from the French word "camarade," which means "ally." Popularized by Communist Russia. Sounds pretentious unless you're Russian or a communist or an avid Command And Conquer: Red Alert gamer.

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Formally, a Mexican term for ninong. Its bastardized version, kumpare, is a universal term for close-knit Titos.

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An African-American term for bro. Popularized by hip-hop stars in the 2000s—Xzibit in particular—and used by Filipinos looking to add some street cred to their subdivision-bred reputation.


Shorthand for compadre. Essentially, compadre for non-Titos. Not to be confused with the rapper. Can also add some ghetto swag to any hip-hop-loving Pinoy.

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A rarely used term of endearment among bros. Just kidding. The term of choice for Conyos of Manila.

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A term of endearment favored by the gay community.


A childhood friend from one's hometown. Use has extended to anyone from within your barkada. Used by African-Americans and Filipinos looking to inject some hip-hop in their blood.

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Like homies...but in jail.


Literally translates to "father" in Spanish but has spread in usage thanks to this fella here:

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A more formal, older-sounding, and more Tito term for "pare." It's like "pre" but for 30-year-olds.


Best used when asking for financial favors.

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The closest Filipino translation of "bro." The most accepted term of endearment among high school kids.

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