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10 Bucket List Ideas For Adrenaline Junkie Couples

Time to wait for that piso sale
by Ysa Singson | Dec 14, 2016
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Filipinos treat vacations as the chance to lounge in the sun all day, kick it in hostels, and perhaps do a little sightseeing. But if you and bae are not like most people, or if you’re simply looking to swap your laid-back days for more thrilling adventures, get your blood pumping at these epic places!

1) Mountaineering in the Philippines

Over the last few years, mountaineering has steadily gained a lot of popularity, especially among millennials. If this is something you’ve always wanted to try, Mt. Pulag is a good starting point. It’s a relatively easy climb and if the weather cooperates, you’ll be rewarded with a glimpse of the sea of clouds. But if you’re looking for a more challenging hike, give Mt. Apo a try. We guarantee your relationship will feel next-level.

2) Canyoneering in Cebu

Are you and bae natural daredevils? Plan an epic canyoneering trip to Cebu! Canyoneering or canyoning involves traveling through creeks and streams with a lot of swmming and jumping involved. A tour guide is with you at all times, and you’re required to wear a life vest and a helmet. Depending on how confident and comfortable you are, you can persuade your tour guide to take you to a 65-ft jumping point—and that shit is no joke. Get a jumpstart on 2017!

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3) Sandboarding in Ilocos

Who needs snow when you’ve got a lot of sand? Sandboarding is a popular tourist attraction in the Ilocos region. They usually have two types of boards—one for sitting and one for standing. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of safety measures taken when it comes to sandboaring, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous. Here’s one tip though: DON’T open your mouth while you’re sliding down the sand dunes. And if you and your girlfriend are tired of sandboarding, the 4x4 rides are right next door. This one’s for the books!

4) Diving with great whites in Australia

Plunge into the depths of Australia’s waters, and get up close and personal with one of the world’s most feared predators. Most tours offer an ocean floor cage dive, but some, like Adventure Bay Charters, also have “aqua subs”—these keep you dry without robbing you of a fantastic view of the sharks. What better way to feel closer to bae than by living life on the edge, right?

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5) White water rafting in New Zealand

Australia’s adrenaline-fueled sister boasts some of the most amazing locations for white water rafting. Even though most tour guides walk you through all the possible scenarios and value safety above all else, it takes a lot of teamwork to keep a raft safe and steady. Enduring extreme rapids and deep gorges together strengthens a relationship like no other. You lovebirds are in for a heart-thumping ride! 


6) Spelunking in Vietnam

Before you start yelling, yes, we know that we have some pretty cool caves as well. And if you haven't gone spelunking in Sagada, we definitely recommend it. But Vietnam has the largest cave in the entire world: Hang Son Doong. It’s complete with fossilized rocks, huge stalagmites, an underground river, and a hidden jungle. Unlike our Sumaguing Cave, Hang Son Doong is more of an expedition, not a chill tour. In fact, only 500 people were able to explore this cave last year. Think you and bae are solid as a rock? Test that theory in Hang Son Doong and find out.

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7) Muay Thai training in Thailand

This form of martial art is slowly gaining popularity among men and women all over the world. And while we do have quite a few Muay Thai camps all over the Philippines, there’s no denying that experiencing it in Thailand is definitely next-level. Take it from Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola, who spent a good chunk of their quick getaway training at a popular Muay Thai camp in Phuket. Sometimes, love just knocks you down.

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8) Rock climbing in Laos

Laos has got to be the least popular destination in Asia, and we’re not sure why because this beautiful country is quickly becoming home to adventure addicts from all over the world. Picture this: a hammock, a cold beer, and an amazing limestone karst. Can you think of a better place to unwind? Reach new heights with the one you love in Laos—literally and figuratively. 

9) Cliff jumping in Indonesia

People travel from all over just to show off their jumping skills in the Bali coastal cliff. There used to be two jumping points, but someone broke their back, so now the official jumping place is Mahana Point. When going cliff diving, it’s important to check the tides and swell charts because during low tide, the water is really shallow. You or your partner could get seriously injured. Love sometimes hurts, but it doesn’t have to hurt that much. After an afternoon of cliff jumping, Mahana Point also boasts a romantic view of the sunset.

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10) Cycling in Myanmar

Slow it down and cycle through Myanmar with your boo. It’s now easy and safe to explore the country. Contrary to popular belief, Myanmar has a lot to offer including gorgeous pagodas, culturally rich villages, and the magnificent Inle Lake. If you want to experience something different with the one you love, this is the place to be. 

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