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Geek Mode: 7 Card Games For An Awesomer Tambay Session

Tired of the usual <em>pusoy</em> and <em>tong-its</em> night-outs? Here's a list of unique, fun-filled card games you can play with your buds to shoo away the boredom at your <em>tambay</em> session!
by KC Calpo | Feb 10, 2014
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It's your turn to host tambay night with the barkada, and you're thinking of trying something new. Not that gaming, drinking, couch potato-ing or videoke-ing aren't fun anymore, but you don't want your clique to do the same thing every week/month/whenever. “Ganito nalang ba tayo lagi, mga dudeparechongbrochief?”

So what's one of the easiest ways to liven up a party? A deck of cards. But we don't mean your standard baraha and the good ol' rounds of tong-its, pekwa, or pusoy dos. A big “NO” as well to Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh! decks, or even the teks you've had since grade school (although those are still damn cool). We're looking for something different here.

Gents, we give you these excellent card games for those nights in with the repapips. Note: In the modern age of card games, bawal ang pikon, or overly sensitive players.


crazy card games

First on this list is the beloved money board game, in 110-card form. Its rules are the same: a maximum number of five players will acquire properties (or steal them) and force others to give up their properties. The first player to complete three full property sets of different colors wins.

The heated competition ensures you all stay awake throughout the night—and keep the trash talk going for hours. We once watched a group of women who are normally polite and reserved transform into bona fide hustlers over a few games of Monopoly Deal (plus several glasses of wine and vodka). You've been warned.


crazy card games

Here's another card game from your childhood. A favorite way to pass the time during the rolling blackouts of the '90s, UNO starts with each player having seven cards and a discard pile with a single card being set beside the raw pile. During your turn, you must discard a card that has the same color, suit, or number as the top card on the discard pile. If you don't have such a card, draw another one. The game ends when a player has no cards left.

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The present UNO has gone beyond being a simple deck of cards: it has spawned theme packs, special variants, video games, and mobile apps. There's also the yearly UNO World Championship. Yeah, fer realz.


crazy card games

Take this deck out of storage only if four or more of your party guests are true nerds. Think of the best alternative words to describe something, but don't ever say the “forbidden” words! This game doesn't only make the party livelier; it also helps you learn new words that may come in handy during a conversation with that hot chick with glasses.

NEXT: Let's move away from the classics and get into the truly crazy card games!

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