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Twins With Different Fathers, Green Beer, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week!

Also up ahead: interesting science tidbits, #lifegoals, and a Chuck Norris-approved feat
by Mars Salazar | Mar 12, 2016
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Time for your weekly dose of man knowledge, gentlemen!

We've got interesting science-y stuff, #lifegoals, and something every self-respecting Marvel fan should watch up ahead! So find a comfy spot, sit back, relax, and read on for another loaded edition of the 15 Things A Man Must Know This Week!

Kris Aquino says she’ll take a leave from showbiz because she can’t take the intense pressure that comes with her job anymore. "You cannot imagine the stress of being bashed every day, of people making comments every day about how you look, what you said, what your brother did...I have to take it every day. Nobody knows how that feels," she told Point taken, Krissy.

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We have no doubt that Anne Curtis will ace her first full marathon this year. She'll be joining the 2016 Tata Consultancy Services New York City Marathon this November, one of the largest and most popular marathons in the world. Go Anne!

Take a short break from your routine to watch the latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War. Trust us; best couple of minutes you’ll spend today.

This is Sam Dhillon, a third year college junior, a forward for the USC basketball team in the US NCAA, and the CEO of an investment firm worth $3 million (around P140 million). Oh yeah, he's also researching on a cure for Alzheimer's disease in his spare time. Meanwhile, here we are with our 20-something selves, still unsure what to do with our lives...

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Matcha (a form of green tea) tastes great, and so does beer. So of course, the Japanese created a mix of both: Matcha beer. Would you give this green drink a try, bros?

During their Fall/Winter 2016 show, fashion giant Balenciaga came out with a big striped bag that looked very, very familiar. In fact, it's something your mom or your grandma might bring to the palengke or to Divisoria!

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In a scene right out of an action movie, an Israeli man who was stabbed multiple times in a terror attack "managed to remove the knife from his neck and use it to stab and neutralize his attacker," according to this report. Chuck Norris approves!


Pretty Fil-Am Megan Batoon’s instructional video for cooking pancit is pretty funny. Who would’ve thought you can get this emotional over the Pinoy food staple, eh?

In a really ironic twist of fate, pro-gun mom Jamie Gilt was accidentally shot by her four-year-old son while driving after the kid found her pistol lying on the car's backseat. And this happened just a day after she bragged about her little one's target-shooting skills (have we mentioned that the kid is four?).

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Bb. Pilipinas 2016 candidate Kim Ross Delos Santos has reportedly been disqualified from the beauty pageant because of "a racy test photo." It’s a shame, since she’s a total looker. Now we expect Google to be loaded with requests to look for you-know-what...

In a crazy biological case of WTF-ery, a set of twins with different fathers have been identified in Vietnam. Based on our Google-fueled research, this can really happen (a few other similar cases have been confirmed in the past), although the chances are really, really slim. The parents have a lot of explaining to do...

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A whopping 300 teeth have been found in the mouth of a nine-year-old boy from Dumanjug, Cebu, who is suffering from a rare dental condition called hyperdontia. Forty teeth were extracted from him recently. And here we are, thinking that having just a single tooth extracted is already scary...

Check out the Star Wars-themed bedroom of these two British kids, which has everything from Darth Vader wall decor to a "Millennium Falcon-style control panel" desk. Let’s just say we’ve never been so jealous of a couple of kids before.

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In more serious news: Mother Earth "saw its largest annual spike in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations on record in 2015," meaning intense heat waves, higher sea levels, and scary temperature fluctuations would be pretty much inevitable. Not good, folks.

For your drinking needs, Contigo water bottles are the way to go. With clever features such as a spill-proof design, vacuum insulation to keep the drink hot or cold longer, and a leak-proof frame (even under shaking!), these are functional vessels (distributed locally by The Neat Inc. and available at SM Home in North EDSA) that beat the boring tumblers we usually use.

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