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FHM's 28 Days Of Romansahan Day 23: How To Make Everyday Special, According To Real Girls

Men are know-it-all creatures who think they're experts on everything. We asked a few real women though about what makes them happy, and, well, it turns out we don't know enough!
by FHM | Feb 23, 2014
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It’s our favorite time of the year—that’s aside from Christmas and the FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party; okay, it’s our THIRD favorite time of the year! But who’s counting, right? What’s more important is it’s now February. The love month. The okay-lang-magwaldas-para-sa-date month. The only month men are allowed to be ultra-cheesy.

But do you have any idea HOW to be cheesy? Are you and your girlfriend/missus constantly bickering about your lack of romance? Do you attribute your singlehood to your lack of wooing skills? Well, we’re going to solve these all for you! FHM will be dishing out daily how-to-be-a-Don-Romantiko tips the whole month of February!

Gentlemen, welcome to FHM’s 28 Days Of Romansahan!


For years now, you've been sticking to that tired, familiar routine of dating: dinner first, movie later, and if you pushed her buttons right, maybe a little something-something later in the night. Yes, it's a surefire way of making advances with a girl, but for how long will that formula excite? At a certain point, you've got to level up your date game, and come up with more ideas of what to do so she'll always be excited when she's with you.

Why not we listen to the girls themselves, and have them tell us what they like. Here are six sweeties telling us their ideas of sweetness.

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1) Who needs a gym buddy when you can have a gym date?

FHM pro tip: Never ignore your days of doing cardio. You'll never know when you might meet a girl who's immensely fitter than you!

2) Are you the YOLO-type who's always out for adventure?

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FHM pro tip: Buddy, the classic advice that you shouldn't be afraid of trying new things doesn't only apply to the bedroom! 

3) Mixtapes: still super-effective!

FHM pro tip: Bust out a playlist that really surprises her, and don't just rip stuff off from the radio. YouTube and the Internet is full of unheard-of songs that might just become your next great love anthem!

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NEXT: Surprises keep the relationship spicy!

Originally seen in FHM Philippines' February 2013 issue. Reports by Georgene Sales and Jeanilyn Kwan.
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