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FHM Editors' Blog #11: What People Eat When They Don't Eat Meat
FHM Editor and dedicated vegan, Khyne Palumar, tells us what's for lunch
by Khyne Palumar | Oct 22, 2013
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Some fruits are snooty and expensive. Banana isn’t. This is why you can have as much as six bananas for lunch and not get empacho. Wag kang bastos. We meant the other banana.


Made of sugar, corn syrup, and the magic of gelatin. Gelatin is the ingenuous mix of what should’ve been chicharon (beef/pork skin), what should’ve been buto-buto (cow’s knees), and what should’ve been in your woman’s face- and skin-products (animal collagen).

Hence, mas salbahe pa yung kumakain ng marshmallow sa kumakain ng karne.

But that’s how we roll.

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