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How To Last Longer In Bed, The Benefits Of Sleeping Naked, And 9 Other Things To Fitspire You This Week!

From dieting to the positives of going commando, here's a healthy dose of fitspiration for the rest of the week!
by Mars Salazar | Aug 24, 2015
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2015 is speeding by so fast, and the "ber" months are coming up in a few days. But have you achieved your fitness goals for this year? If you’ve barely made a dent in your New Year's health resolutions, it’s not yet too late to make up for lost time!

Read on for all the latest scoop in the workout world and get #fitspired in a jiffy!

If you want to last longer in bed, studies say you should just let go and enjoy yourself instead of forcing yourself to think of unsexy things like math equations and cockroaches. Focus on your girl’s body and her pleasure, and you’re guaranteed to have super satisfying sex.

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The Rock’s awesome post-workout dance makes us want to create our own dance routines too. Check it out!

We’re all for hot bikini-ed chicks doing workout videos, but doing so at the beach—where you can easily get washed away by the waves—is just asking for trouble. (Not that we mind!)

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If you’ve ever thought of injecting Viagra into your manoy to last longer…DON'T. Just…don’t. Learn from Redditor SoreCock (appropriate name, BTW), whose penis almost exploded after doing so. Just…don’t, dude.

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Speaking of your swimmers, you should seriously consider sleeping naked to keep your privates in tip-top shape. Sleeping commando cools down your balls and protects them from bacteria that thrive in warm, moist environments. Just make sure your sheets are clean before tumbling on your bed!

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Want to stop binge eating? Stop munching while you’re doing something else, whether you’re working or watching TV. Instead, don’t do anything else when you’re eating, and think about the food you’re munching on. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll save by doing this!

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Improve your squats by placing some adhesive tape between your shirt and shorts. If you break the tape’s hold, that mean your back and pelvis are in a dangerous form. Try it out!

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Not feeling the uber-buff dudes at your gym? Gather your barkada and invent workouts that cater to your interests. Love to travel? Go on a hike regularly. Into all things geek? Imitate these dudes who created a workout inspired by Lord of the Rings. It’s all a matter of injecting some fun into the boring stuff!

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Be careful with that bottle of agua oxinada in your medicine cabinet, lads. Hydrogen peroxide is such a powerful antiseptic that it also kills the healthy skin cells on your wound. Instead of using it, you can try wash your sugat with good ol’ soap and water, and cover it with petroleum jelly, which can serve as an effective barrier against germs.

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Think sunscreen’s only for the beach? Think again. Prevention is always better than cure, and using sunblock daily—even during rainy days—can drastically decrease your skin’s chances of aging badly. Use SPF 15 or higher, and make sure to reapply every few hours.

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Want to get fit? Skip the "healthy" canned and dried fruit and juice and opt for fresh, straight-from-the-grocery produce. The fresh stuff has more fiber and no artificial sweeteners, making it infinitely good for you.

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