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A Human Punching Machine, Weed's Surprising (And Sexy) Benefit, And 9 Other Things To #Fitspire You This Week

APEC 2015 got you on vacation mode? Here's a host of health and fitness news that will get you motivated to work out during the break!
by Mars Salazar | Nov 16, 2015
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APEC 2015's got us all on total vacation mode, but that’s no excuse to miss a workout. If you need to get motivated, read on for a host of fresh health and fitness news that will get you #fitspired for the rest of the week!

You know what’s better than great abs? Having great back abs, which protect your spine and make your body stronger (and make you look good in the process!), as well! Deadlifts, pullups, and rows are excellent back exercises—do them regularly and you’ll be talikodgenic in no time.

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Want to be more effective at work? Take a short break before lunch to do some non-stressful stuff—you’ll get back to work more energized and more focused.

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Here’s another reason to get your ass to the doctor regularly: You might be having “silent” heart attacks and not know it. A silent heart attack may feel like a dizzy spell or a stomach bug. You should have your heart checked out especially if your family’s got a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.

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Believe it or not, regular cheat days can actually help you lose more weight! And it makes sense, because if you’re watching what you eat every single day, you’re bound to get sad and drained and it’ll make you give up your diet sooner than you planned. Go ahead, enjoy that pizza!

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Believe it or not, a girl who calls herself Tracy Kiss actually cured her rosacea (a common skin condition characterized by diluted blood vessels and facial redness) by rubbing semen—yeah, SEMEN—on her face. "Semen builds babies, they come out very soft and have beautiful skin, and it leaves my skin nice and soft so I’m very happy to use this as a facial,” she said on her video below. Erm, if you say so...?

Wanna know what The Rock eats every day to maintain his rock-hard bod? It’s pretty overwhelming...and there’s a lot of fish involved. Can you handle his diet? Click here to find out.

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Maintain your manoy’s performance by exercising daily: better blood flow results in more nitric oxide, which is a key factor in longer, harder erections. Isn’t that a great reason to take the stairs today?

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Major #fitspo: This dude can do 2,465-pound (that’s over 1,118 kilos!) leg presses like it’s no big deal. Super impressive, bro! Click on the image below to see his mighty deed!

Do you love weed? Good news: A study has revealed that smoking it results in better, more frequent sex. Oh, and the more educated you are, the more likely you are to use condoms. Whoa!

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We’d love to see Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather train with this dude, who claims he can dish out a whopping 423 punches in one minute. How many can you throw? Click on the image below to see him in action!

Of course this list won't be complete without a hot gal or two: Meet 21-year-old Victoria Thornewell, a former ugly duckling-turned-beauty queen who transformed herself into a bodybuilder in just five months. Bet her bullies don’t want to mess with her now!

Image via Mirror.co.uk