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How To Land A Girl? (It's A Lot Like Getting A Job)

Get your girl with these HR-approved techniques!
by Jeanilyn Kwan | Aug 19, 2013
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Scoring a second date is essentially the same as acing a job interview. We're not saying you can't be jobless and loveless at the same time, but still, these tips might help you get the girl.


Because pick-up lines really doesn't work

If you were introduced to your date by a mutual acquaintance, treat it like a job referral and familiarize yourself with the “company” by making inquiries. Kat Limbaga, 28, a quality assurance analyst, suggests conducting a little online research before the actual eyeball. Don’t think of it as stalking; consider it a perk of living in the age of Google and Facebook. A girl can find it flattering when you make an effort to get to know her even before meeting her, just like how it impresses employers when you come to an interview with an appreciation for their company.


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'Do I look like the Gosling-man now?'

According to a study from the John Hopkins School of Medicine, it takes seven seconds to make a first impression. Within that short span of time, a girl can consider you a probable douchebag or a potential boyfriend. Yes, we live in a cruel world where you get judged by how long your goatee is. As a general manager, Michael Nuval, 37, is keen on the importance of being presentable for a job interview, as well as a date. Not only do you have to look good; you have to smell good, too, because nobody will really care about your Cotton On shirt if you step into a room reeking of sibuyas.


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'Here, let me give you a warm handshake, lady'

Before you are seen by a human resources manager, you must make sure you carry a positive disposition. This can also be applied to a first date so that a girl can immediately feel comfortable with you. Don’t forget to smile, always maintain eye contact, and of course, give her a proper handshake. This signal for politeness and confidence is very useful even way beyond the professional setting. Elan Sastine, 24, a psychology major, says: “When I meet a guy for the first time, I always take note of his handshake. A firm, yet light handshake clearly shows that he is strong, at the same time gentle and sensitive. Partnered with a confident posture, he'll surely impress me no matter how mysterious he may seem at first.

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Taken from the Lounge Section of FHM's August 2013 issue
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