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FHM Presents: Bembang Boosters

So what are all those mystical sounding ingredients in your sex aid? <em>FHM</em> investigates and reveal why they're the perfect <em>bembang</em> boosters! &nbsp;
by Ash Mahinay | Sep 8, 2014
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Ever wonder what makes Viagra a potent sex wonder drug? Or why people see ginseng and royal jelly as some sort of miracle ingredient that can instantly make you a Kama Sutra god? And does horny goat weed really have eyelashes from a horny goat just like the ones sold in Avenida?

We take a closer look at the mystical-sounding ingredients that promise to give your manoy super powers and enhance your bedroom prowess. So what really makes them effective bembang boosters? Scroll down to find out!



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Scientific name: N/A

Backstory: The ginseng root can grow to look like a human body. According to ye olde Chinese tradition, a plant’s shape signifies its use—so the little man-shaped root was considered a cure-all or panacea.

Alleged benefit: Ingesting ginseng helps the body battle stress and refreshes the nervous system—which is why it also pops up in most energy drinks.


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Scientific name: N/A

Backstory: Deep inside a hive, worker bees secrete this substance and feed it to future queen bees. It’s a pain to collect as you can imagine, so only royalty had access to this elixir in the old days.

Alleged benefit: It has amino acids and B vitamins. It’s also the special sauce that makes queen bees huge, so presumably its milky goodness will give you energy and vitality as well.


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Generic name: Sildenafil

Backstory: Created and distributed by Pfizer in 1998, it’s the first oral erectile dysfunction drug approved for commercial sale.

Actual benefit: It facilitates blood flow into the penis by inhibiting proteins that degrade the stuff that encourages smooth muscle relaxation. In other words, it makes it easier to get an erection—but it will not give you an insta-boner.

FAQ: But how would I know if I have a legit need for Viagra anyway?
“We conduct personal interviews and assess the nature and possible etiology (causes) of erectile dysfunction,” says urologist Dr. Nelson Patron. “We also try to differentiate if the etiology is organic or psychogenic. Organic is some metabolic or medical problem like cardiac disease, vascular problems, hypertension, etc., while psychogenic ED is usually caused by anxiety, stress, problems at work or at home, dissatisfaction with the partner, and personal worry about not being able to perform well sexually.”

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From FHM's August 2014 issue
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