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R.I.P Flappy Bird: 6 Alternatives For Those Who Weren't Able To Download It

So <em>Flappy Bird</em> has gone <em>kaput</em>... It's certainly unexpected. Shocking even! For those who weren't able to DL the game, here are six alternatives/knock-offs that offer a similar gaming experience!
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 10, 2014
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Guys, wala na ang Flappy Bird!

In case you've been living a smartphone-free life, you know that Flappy Bird reached viral status because of two things: its simplicity and mapapamura ka sa hirap difficulty. It was named the No. 1 app in iTunes just last week, and it seemed it was destined for greater heights (pun shamelessly intended).

flappy bird alternatives

That's what we thought, but what happened next was not only unexpected, but also shocking: The game's Vietnamese creator, Dong Nguyen, announced on Saturday, February 8, that he was going to take Flappy Bird down. WTF, right? But of course, many users (us included) thought this might be a prank, maybe Mr. Nguyen was just ruffling our feathers (pun shamelessly intended again).

Then it happened.

Flappy Bird has gone kaput. As of 7 p.m. last night (February 9), the game is no longer available for download. He wasn't kidding after all.

It's hard to determine why he pulled the plug on a highly-addictive game that's reportedly earning around $50,000 (over P2.2 million) in ad revenue every 24 hours. Some theories suggest that Mr. Nguyen could be facing a lawsuit from Nintendo (we imagine it has something to do with those green pipes), something which has already been confirmed as just plain rumor.

So, what gives? We don't know. Dong Nguyen hasn't revealed his true reason/s yet. But if his recent tweet is to be believed, it could beand this is just usthat he found it hard to deal with the game's success and the attention it's/he's getting. Perhaps he wants to live a simple, pressure-free life? Until he releases a statement, all we can do is make our own tsismis.

flappy bird alternatives

Goodbye, Flappy Bird. Your crappy, pang-'90s graphics and über-hard gameplay will be missed. For a simple game to drive us up the wall in sheer annoyance and frustration is...special. With fingers crossed, we'll be waiting for you to do a phoenix and return to the app store.

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Until then, those who weren't able to DL the game would have to make do with Flappy Bird alternatives and knock-offs that offer a similar experience. Fly to the next page for our list.

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