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Where To Get The Best Grilled Food In Metro Manila

Uhaw para sa inihaw
by Anne Mari Ronquillo | Mar 14, 2018
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Food: How do we grill thee? Let us count the ways. Human civilizations have mastered and perfected the art and obvious science of grilling. From George Foreman to hot stoneware, there’s a grill vibe for everyone. We all love our home-cooked inihaw, but in this weather, fanning flames in the garage is not so appealing. Worry not, hungry reader, there’s plenty of options for you!

Danny-Licious BBQ

When on a mission to consume grilled animal parts, the easiest option is your nearest barbecue stand. But we all that have friend with street food trust issues, so if you're looking for something widely recommended that isn't Gerry's Grill, try Danny-Licious in Project 4, Quezon City. They have a mean menu of your usual Pinoy favorites, from pork barbecue to bangus.

Don Day Korean Grill

Who doesn’t find pleasure in grilling their own food? Korean restaurants like Don Day Korean Grill give us the satisfaction of a true grill-to-mouth experience, provided you don’t stop to dip in chili sauce. It’s even better at Don Day Korean Grill because it’s a buffet. It’s hard to frown at a steady flow of savory meat cuts.

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Sultan Mediterranean Grill

Mediterranean is lauded as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, to the delight of kebab lovers everywhere. Sultan Mediterranean Grill has a great selection of skewers to pair with salads or koftas. They also serve a mean grilled chicken tandoori dish for fans of spice.


Eduardo’s Peri-Peri

Eduardo’s Peri-Peri Flame Grilled Chicken serves up a simple, non-intimidating menu of peri-peri chicken and ribs. They also have a good enough selection of side dishes to complete your go, grow, and glow fix for the day. You might be wondering what peri-peri is all about, and we’re happy to tell you that it’s a delectable African flavor of chilies, citrus peels, and spices. Well-traveled pals will probably tell you about the time they went to Nando’s, but luckily our local food scene is caught up!

Urameshi-Ya Yakiniku

"Yakiniku" is the Japanese way of saying "grilled meat," so if Japan is your game, then it's best that you head to Little Tokyo's Urameshi-Ya for your glorious thin slices of beef. True to the Little Tokyo vibe, everything is cute. You have a cute little grill propped up in the middle of your table, which means you can only grill so much at one time. Probably not the best idea to go in big groups while famished.

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Johnny’s Steak and Grill

If quality, graded, board-certified beef is your heart’s desire, then eat at Johnny’s. They only pretty much serve steak and a few side dishes, so you can be sure that perfecting every plate served is the kitchen’s focus.

House of Wagyu Stone Grill

We had no idea what marbling was nor did we care about the many finishes of wine before we stepped into the House of Wagyu. High-grade marbled beef is basically beautifully-distributed fat on a piece of steak. In the House of Wagyu, you cook yours in a personal-sized slab of rectangular stone. For the psychos who like their steak well done, the good news is the beef will not suffer from dryness as the intricate network of fat laced throughout the meat will keep things juicy. If you like fancy things in life, you need to be a HoW regular!

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