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Delicious Illustration Shows 40 Ways The World Eats Its Hotdogs

Okay, Facebook commenters, easy on the penis jokes.
by Gelo Gonzales | May 20, 2015
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We love hotdogs. We'll skip the weird innuendo-based jokes to cut right to the bone: Hotdogs are on top of our Things-We-Must-Regularly-Consume list.

And just to prove that we aren't alone, we're sharing here an illustrated guide to how the world likes its hotdogs. Food site,, encapsulates the world's love for the humble sausage by detailing 40 of the ways with which people prepare and eat their hotdogs. From New York's famous mustard-and-onion-sauce varieties to Amsterdam's indulgent pizza-sauce-and-mozarella-cheese concotion to the Philippines' very own bun-less combo (we're the only people in the world that eat hotdogs without buns according to this guide), this is a guide that will make you say, "I'm absolutely having hotdogs for dinner tonight."

Don't drool on your computers:

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