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How To Survive The World Street Food Congress With P1,500 Budget

It’s a date!
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jun 3, 2017
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ICYMI: The World Street Food Congress (WSFC)—the annual gathering of the best chefs and foodies all over the world—is here in Manila for the second time around.

The five-day event features talks, cooking demos, and a showcase of food stalls from Germany, Mexico, USA, Thailand, Japan, India, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, and of course, the Philippines.

In case you missed it during the weekdays, you still have the weekend to experience World Street Food Jamboree, which features 40 different street food gems from the 13 countries above. And to make your journey easier, we hand-picked six dishes that are all must-tries. These choices will leave you and your woman satisfied (and impressed).


Currywurst from Germany


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Fan of curry? Satisfy that craving with Germany’s national street food, the Currywurst sausage! Each bite of the thinly sliced sausage is oozing with the German-Indian taste of masala, curry tomato ketchup sauce, and ambrosial curry powder. It has the right mix of chili and curry, which you can balance out with a bottle of ice-cold beer.

BBQ Pork Ribs from Indonesia


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If juicy meat is what you want, then we suggest you try Indonesia’s pride: BBQ Pork Ribs. The ribs are not just picture perfect, but also mouth-wateringly perfect. The meat is marinated with Asian spices and then roasted over a charcoal fire until well-done. The result? Tender, fall-of-the-bone pork goodness smothered generously with sweet, chili sauce. Bonus: it's served with a spicy salad.

Oyster Omelette from Taiwan


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Taiwan is known as the street food capital, so you should not miss trying out a dish from their stalls. Our suggestion? The Oyster Omelette! We know, the combination sounds weird, but trust us, just a bite of this specialty will change your view on this breakfast staple. It’s the perfect marriage of just-cooked-to-perfection oysters and eggs, solidified with a crisp finish using a sweet potato flour mixture. Rice, please!



Longganisa and Bagnet Pizza from the Philippines


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Longganisa and bagnet together? Yes, please! Savor the fatty, tasty goodness of these Ilocos favorites that are made with a flavorful salty cheese and a tangy tomato sauce. The pizza is baked until it's crispy, the crust so thin that there's a special crunch with every bite. 

Cheese Empanada from the Philippines


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Warm, cheesy, and crispy—what more could you ask for? This one is legit. Don’t forget to pour that suka!

Sisig Paella from the Philippines

Aling Lucing’s iconic creation has been reimagined as a paella. It's a modern take on a true classic. And guess what, it's pretty amazing! 

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