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5 Spicy Dishes That Will Test Your Manhood

Turn up the heat this cuddle weather season with these must-try fiery finds
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jun 10, 2016
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PAGASA just declared the arrival of the rainy season. The cool breeze has come to freeze everyone, so you'll need something to bring on the heat. Why not order your favorite spicy dish?

Bicol Express, laing, chicken wings—there's always something to satisfy your craving for something hot. Challenge your spice-o-meter with these oh-so fiery favorites:

1) Laing 2 Ways

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Where: Mesa Filipino Moderne 

What: Want laing with a twist? Try Laing Two Ways. Served original and crispy, the mouth-watering combo of taro leaves, pork, shrimp paste, and coconut cream, topped with adobo flakes, is a surefire party in your mouth. Pair this version of the Bicol dish with all the rice you can eat and you're good to go.

Shell out: P170

2) Diablo Pork Sisig

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Where: Sisig Society

What: A certified memorable pulutan partner, the Diablo Pork Sisig's special sauce adds a delectable kick that is missing from your usual meaty appetizer. Note: Skip the rice. Opt for nachos, plus ice-cold beer. You're welcome.

Shell out: P159 for solo; P249 for sharing


3) Red King Ramen

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Where: Ramen Nagi

What: This ramen iteration not only has a tasty, velvety broth, but also comes with a flavorful blend of garlic and generous servings of chili oil and cayenne pepper. You can actually choose the spice level from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest). One sip of the scalding soup and you'll know why this ramen is king.

Shell out: around P400

4) Tom Yum Goong

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Where: Azuthai

What: The perfect after-work treat for Makati peeps, Thailand's most popular soup is sure to wake up your stressed, sleepy self. Tom Yum Goong consists of juicy prawns gently simmered in a sour-salty-spicy broth. Let the savory brew of lemongrass, kaffir leaves, lime, coriander, and of course, loads of chili linger in your taste buds.

Shell out: P445

5) Spicy Gangnam Chicken

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Where: all KFC branches (you can also call 887-8888 or visit to have it brought to your place)

What: Get your tongue tingling with the returning KFC Spicy Gangnam Chicken. Your all-time favorite fried chicken, drenched in sweet and spicy Korean soy. Best consumed with rice and mashed potato or corn on the side, this finger lickin' good treat will satisfy your spicy, sexy longing. Better yet, try their other new offerings: Spicy Gangnam Zinger and Spicy Gangnam Rice Bowl.

Shell out: P99


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