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Next Time You Vote, Keep These 8 Practical Tips In Mind

Lessons from this year's relatively peaceful Election Day
by John Paulo Aguilera | May 9, 2016
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After much fanfare, Election Day has finally come.

Save for reports of faulty Vote Counting Machines and suspected fake ballots, this year's voting has been relatively peaceful, if you consider how heated things have gotten leading up to the last day of the campaign period.

All we have to do now is wait for the results, accept wholeheartedly whoever wins, and be the best citizens for the next six years—until we elect another set of leaders in 2022.


And when that time comes, we'll be more than prepared and decided, thanks to all the lessons we learned in this year's polls:

1) Avoid all kinds of insertion while your indelible ink is still fresh.

2) Marking the tip of the pointer finger is more than enough.

3) Rush hours also apply to Election Day; best time to vote is during early afternoon.

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4) Now you know the perfect schedule for that long-delayed road trip.


5) Seriously, how hard is it to follow a few simple rules?


6) Of course, spread only good vibes.


7) Do your homework. PLEASE.

8) Most importantly, exercise your right to vote. Some people don't even have the chance.


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