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Mad Party Skills!

<p>In keeping with the anniversary month, here are some party tips!</p>
| Mar 12, 2010
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Parties. It's so easy to attend them, but rather complex to throw one. You don't have to be an, ehem, eventologist to throw a shebang. All you need to think of really, is the fun factor. [firstpara]
We list down several items to consider for the full fun effect.

Venue.  It doesn’t matter, really if you’re holding the party at your parent’s house, the pool deck of your building, or your one-bedroom pad. What matters is how you fix it. You must fix your space with mingling in mind.

So set up the bar farthest from the entrance. By the time your guests make it there, they will have said their hellos to other guests and will have met other people.

We’ve already told you about how to keep your bar loaded, and what to stock up on, but just the same, bear in the mind the spirits bartenders consider holy: gin, vodka, and rum.

Also, ice! Three bags for every bottle of spirit is a good number.

Food. Set the time at 8pm and people will expect real, ulam food. Set it at 10pm and you will survive on packets of peanuts and bags of chips. So it’s really up to you what kind of party you want to throw. In any case, put the food somewhere near the bar.

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