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We Know What You're Trying To Do, Mar Roxas

You're trying to be the charming 'how-does-this-Snapchat-work' kind of tito. And by golly, it's working
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 17, 2016
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Dear Tito Mar,

You're blogging now. You've loosened the tie, and you're doing as the millennials do—that is travelling and taking pictures of your travels and also, writing about these journeys. You're getting cool points from us. Because it's refreshingly sincere. Not that we're saying you weren't during your campaigns. We're sure you only meant well for the country. You just couldn't strike a chord.

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Now, there's no election to campaign for. There's a president waiting in the wings. And you're just having a swell time, completely agenda-less now. You're just posting swell beach photos and just taking in the sights from Caticlan to Capiz to Mindoro. And you're even talking about having a beer with the colleagues. Maybe if you had been this way before, just a little bit more relaxed, you could have swayed a few more votes in your push for the presidency. The photos you were posting before were cringe-worthy and seemed stage; people smelled that it was merely part of an image-crafting exercise.

People see through that now better, or at least we'd like to believe so. What we're seeing now is a man just enjoying his trip, and having fun documenting it—while trying to figure out all these newfangled toys (i.e. the GoPro). It's cute. But most of all, it's real. It feels real.

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That might be the lesson you can take away from this exercise. Facebook (and other social media avenues) has trained people to sniff out the real from the fake. Write bullshit, they'll know it. Fake emotions, they'll know it. Show us a picture, and we'll know if you're genuinely happy in the photo or not. The most genuine things—the full-truths—get the most likes and shares in social media. Staged ones will not. #NoFilter > PhotoShopped images.

That was one of the strengths of Duterte's campaign. The dude was candid. He oftentimes gets into trouble for what he says, but people seem to prioritize full transparency nowadays even at the cost of some (or a lot of) political correctness.


So, keep it real, Tito Mar. It's refreshing to see a real person behind the politician. Maybe that's what was missing in the campaign, that personal charm. Keep this up, and we'll see you in the next elections. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your trip, sir, and keep us posted.

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