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11 Uses Of Lubricant Other Than What You're Probably Thinking

This wonder substance can make a host of annoying situations run smoothly!
by FHM Staff | Jan 21, 2016
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Most of us knows the general purpose of lubricants. But in case you didn't know, lube can do much more than just reduce friction, ease discomfort, or decrease the likelihood of condom breakage.

The slippery stuff actually has other practical uses according to brothers Bryant and Patrick Cuison, owners of construction company William Brothers, Inc.

Read on and change your perception of good ol' lube!

1) Removing gum

The pig that you are, you probably stick bubble gum under the dining room table or behind the headboard of your bed. Trouble yourself about it no further. Squeeze some petroleum jelly on the offending wad, rub it in until the gum starts to disintegrate, then remove.

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2) Making paint can lids easier to remove

Put a layer around the inside rim of a paint can before closing the lid. It will come right off when you open the can next time and the paint will still be fresh.

3) Keeping your bulbs rust-free

Coat threads of an outdoor light bulb to keep it from rusting and becoming hard to remove.

4) Keeping paint off your window panes

Apply it to the panes of your windows before painting the trim, better than masking tape in many ways.


5) Use it as invisible gloves

Rub it over your palms to keep paint or dirt off of your hands while you do some painting or other similar man jobs. Invisible gloves, yo! 

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6) As a water rings remover

Rub lube on your table to remove white water rings or blush marks caused by very hot liquids.

7) It can prevent rusting

Put a dab in a plastic bag and fill it with small hardware items. Shake it to coat the parts and help prevent rusting.

8) As a squeaky hinge silencer

Coat the hinge of a squeaky door to silence it. No oil required!

9) Sealing water pipes

Coat water pipes that are screwed together to get a better seal.

10) Keeping your leather kicks shiny

So, you’ve got a pair of patent leather shoes you want to keep shiny. The luster stays longer if you polish the kicks with a little bit of petroleum jelly.

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 Leather jacket aid 

You probably keep a leather jacket for a trip with the GF/missus in the highlands. You don’t need a fancy leather moisturizer to take care of it though. Petroleum jelly does the job just as well.

William Brothers, Inc. (WBI) focuses on providing design + build solutions for residential, commercial and institutional clients. The company specializes in the fit out and finishing of residential projects, retail stores, restaurants, etc.

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