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Here Are Your 'No Budget, No Problem' Alak Mixes

Maybe even save enough for pulutan!
by Chise Alcantara | Sep 16, 2017
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We don’t know about you guys but we think drinking has gotten way too expensive. We’re sure that you’re tired of paying P200 for a measly cocktail that tastes like expired sugar and water.

Drinking with friends should be a relaxing and fun experience and you can’t have that if you have to worry about having enough change for your pamasahe pauwi. This is why we made up this list of old and new mixes and the perfect scenarios, where you should try them out.

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1) Good morning world

Condensed milk

There’s nothing like a quick hit of smoky whiskey to prepare you for the wonderful day ahead. Get ready to step on the toppled bodies of the weak-willed commuters and squeeze your way inside the human sardine can that is our railway system only to have it break down on you five stops away from work. Now, don’t forget to wear your dumbass, buzzed look on your face as you smile at the guy that you got UberPooled with, as both of you sit in silence for three hours as you watch the traffic flush your daily wages goodbye.

2) Motor Oil


Perfect for times when you don’t have enough beer and you don’t have enough coke so you just mix them together in a palanggana and hope for the best. Seriously though, it’s not half bad depending on what alcohol and kind of soda you use. Red horse works well with regular coke and it tastes a like something only a real man with a desire to get drunk will drink.

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3) Bilog ang mundo


Gin Bilog
Pineapple Juice

Imagine this, you’re on your lunch break and you decide to eat at Jollibee. You upgrade you drink to a large orange juice with your meal and can’t seem to finish it. Just drop by a convenience store and buy some gin bilog so you can pour it into your cup of pineapple juice for some good company you can take with you to work.


4) Coco Sapak

Coconut milk

You’re stuck on a tropical island with only a calamansi, a dalanghita, a coconut, and a bottle of rum found from a pirate shipwreck. Just squeeze out the gata from the coconut to get that coco milk out to enjoy this fruity, creamy, zesty mix, while you wait for someone to rescue you.

5) Sorry 2X


Soju from 7/11

The best time to drink this is when you’re at home with the bae (or alone, we don’t judge) watching K-Dramas so you can really get into them emotional scenes. But make sure you have a bathroom near you because a Yakult a day is okay for you tiyan, but three to four might cause them lactobacilli to wage war against your intestines. 

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6) Pirated Yakult

Emperador (brandy) bottle
Two cans pineapple juice
Ice tea (the powdered kind) litro pack

You’ve just gotten released from rehab for your Sorry 2X addiction because promised to never touch Yakult again. All was going well till out of nowhere, a billboard of Gong Yoo appeared before your eyes and you went into relapse. This drink is sure to calm your nerves and even get you that Yakult fix you wanted, without the need to go to cleanse your bowels every other hour.

7) Tulog-gising


Absolute Vodka
Red Bull

When you can’t decide whether you want to finish your project or give up your futile efforts to make your deadline, this mix is the perfect pick-me-up, Jesus-take-the-wheel drink. You’re sure to finish whatever you set your mind to and be able to gracefully accept the consequences of your decisions the next day (because you’ll probably be out cold by then.)

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