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Unlimited Ramen And 4 Other Establishments Where You'll Never Go Hungry

Good things need not always come to an end
by Mars Salazar | Aug 14, 2017
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Who isn’t a sucker for a good deal? Everyone is in search of the best offers especially when we need to stretch our meager sweldo to cover the ever-rising costs of living. That’s why EDSA becomes a total hellhole when major malls have three-day payday sales. That’s also why we protested loudly when a certain senator proposed an unli-rice ban in restaurants. Ma’am, ano pong ginawa ng kanin sa inyo? Okay, we understand we’re looking at mitigating wastage here, but still, it’s joy being taken away. So if unli-rice does disappear, it sure doesn’t hurt to be prepared. So, we scoured the city for spots where you can get your fill of unli-food—all as sinful (or possibly more sinful) as rice.


63 Maginhawa St., UP Village, Quezon City, 238-0844 Upper Ground Floor, Globe Telecom Plaza Tower 2, Pioneer cor. Madison St., Mandaluyong City, 730-4309

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UNLI-WHAT: Surf And Turf: ribs, chicken wings, tempura, sides, and drinks


RECORD TO BEAT: Seven slabs of ribs If you've got an intense hankering for ribs, Rib City's promo should see you through for the next few days. They cook their ribs for three days, so each charcoal-grilled slab is packed to the marrow with flavor, and tender all the way through. Before you know it, you'll have a small pile of bones on your plate. Alternate all the pork with their fried chicken wings and sides, and you're guaranteed to go home with a very happy tummy.

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WHAT ELSE SHOULD YOU TRY? Not in the mood for ribs? Go for their soups served in bread bowls or their hefty sandwiches.


Unit D1 Esguerra Plaza, 34 Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City, 351-0700


UNLI-WHAT: crabs and steak; wine and oysters

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PRICE: P895 for unlimited crabs and steak (comes with unlimited refills of Roasted Pumpkin Soup); same price for unlimited wine and oysters

RECORD TO BEAT: 15 crabs

Seafood lovers shouldn't miss El Cangrejo's unli-crab and steak promo that can be availed 11AM to 2PM and 6PM to 10PM on weekends. The crabs, which are cooked in butter, are of a decent size, and the steak, while sliced thinly, is tender and seasoned well. If you're in the mood to romance your woman, you can opt for the restaurant's other promo: unlimited fresh oysters and wine that can be availed during M-W-F evenings with advance reservation since all the restaurant's seafood is sourced from Roxas, Bulacan, and other provinces, and are as fresh as can be.

WHAT ELSE SHOULD YOU TRY? Get their clam steamers and fish ceviche as an appetizer, and get their Surf and Turf (P1065-1265) or Seafood Platter (P1825) for a hearty meal with the whole gang.

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43 Rainbow St., Marikina City, 8062714



PRICE: P250 (one variant) or P350 (all variants)

RECORD TO BEAT: 10 bowls of ramen

Gokinjo, a quiet nook near Marikina’s famous Lilac food street, welcomes patrons to eat all the ramen their stomachs can contain from 11AM until closing. Their version of Tantanmen is their bestseller, with a flavorful sesame-based broth that doesn’t overpower the other ingredients. Those who can take the heat will love their Spicy Tobanjan ramen, which can be customized according to your tolerance. If you want to play it safe, you can get their Miso Ramen, Shoyu Ramen, Curry Ramen, and Beef Ramen—all tasty options without scrimping on the umami.

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WHAT ELSE SHOULD YOU TRY? Their Sizzling Ribeye Steak (P399) is an affordable option for the die-hard carnivore: a satisfactory slab of tender Australian beef generously rubbed with salt and pepper.


99 Maginhawa St, Teachers Village, Quezon City, 275-5112


UNLI-WHAT: Bacon. Whoa!

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RECORD TO BEAT: 500 grams of bacon (double check. 500 grams is easy! That’s only half-kilo, or two packs of the grocery bacon)

If the thought of gobbling all the bacon your system can take makes you excited, you need to get to Oinkster's. Each bacon serving is around 80 grams (that’s around 6 strips), and you’ll get equal parts classic fried strips and breaded pieces for your first round, which is served with eggs, and carbs (rice or waffles) for a complete meal. For your following servings, you can opt for a plateful of classic fried-as-is strips, all-breaded pieces, or a mix of both. Basically, it’s a pork lover’s dream come true.

WHAT ELSE SHOULD YOU TRY? The Korean-inspired Oinkster Ribs and Cheese (P250) combines two of life’s greatest culinary masterpieces: cheese and a half rack of fall-off-thebone ribs. The Crispy Blueberry Ribs (P190) meanwhile, were inspired by the owners stint at a hotel in Maine.

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915 Banawe St. cor. G. Roxas St. Quezon City, 239-0745 Pearl Drive Commercial Center, Commonwealth Avenue, Fairview, Quezon City, 427-1204


UNLI-WHAT: Unlimited cakes, ice cream, pastries, and other sweet treats.

PRICE: P229 per adult for two hours

You're craving for brazo de mercedes, but your girlfriend wants ice cream. At Love Desserts, you'll never have to compromise: For just P229, you can stuff yourself silly for two hours straight with a wide variety of sugary treats, from cakes to brownies to eclairs to ice-blended drinks. They also have savory options for if you need a break from all the sugar (we dig their empanadas and savory crepes), as well as a variety of hot and cold drinks to wash down everything.

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WHAT ELSE SHOULD YOU TRY? If you've got a special occasion to attend, you can buy a whole cake here in a cinch. They also have rice meals and other a la carte offerings.


This story was originally published in the August 2017 issue of FHM Philippines.

Minor edits were made by the editors.

Photography by Jonathan Baldonado

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