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Pig Out With Spot’s Top 10 Everything Food Lists

Get in mah belly!
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 9, 2012
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There’s always that one friend who always seems to know where to eat, where the best pork chops can be had, or where best to indulge in a bit of post-drinking lamon. Useful dude, that fella is.

Well now, you can nab that fabled seat away, and claim the crown of chowdown for yourself.

Lifestyle site and all-around metro guide, has just released a book to put you on track. Check out the Top 10 Everything Food Lists: Your ultimate guide to good food in Metro Manila. It is now available for just 150 pesos.

The nifty little red book is one hundred pages of the Manila food scene. It's rather handy, fitting in the back of your pocket— perfect for all those times when the girlfriend asks “so honey, where are we eating today?”

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A quick flip through it should get you drooling right away. Some lists that will probably catch your attention: "Top 10 burgers," "Top 10 tapa," "Top 10 barbeque," "Top 10 siopao." Those are just a few examples of the 50 food lists in the book, lists that has collected over time.

Anyone out there brave enough to try out every place the book suggests? How about we get started now?

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