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FHM Planet Woman: Is It A Plus If I'm Batak?

Are monay muscles really necessary?    
by Aeus Reyes | Sep 11, 2014
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Batak or not batak, that is the question.

Some men hit the gym almost every day to achieve a perfectly sculpted body. We on the other hand are advocates of the New Pogi culture, which dictates that wit, humor, and charm are all you need and that washboard abs are unnecessary. We all aspire to look fit and fab, but are monay muscles really necessary?

So, is it better to have a Derek Ramsay-type physique over a John Lloyd-like frame? At the end of the day, what we say won’t matter. In this battle of muscle versus cuddle, only the ladies can decide.

In the first ever FHM Bionic edition of Planet Woman, we let the girls choose if it’s better to be batak or to be of the cuddlier variety. Hit the gallery below to see what our pretty respondents think!



Photos Aeus Reyes

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