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20 Photos That Show Rhian Ramos’ Transformation Into The Woman Of Our Dreams

These snaps also explain why it’s raining votes for her in this year’s FHM 100 Sexiest
by Khatrina Bonagua | May 27, 2016
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Rhian Ramos has always been dream-worthy, but she's never flaunted it before like she's been doing these past few months. And she's doing so almost without fanfare, letting her posts on Instagram show the transformation she's undertaking.

Our gut tells us that all these—Rhian the racer, Rhian the writer, Rhian the bikini lover—will combine with Rhian the actress and introduce us to the new Rhian Ramos sometime soon. We hope it'll come as fast and mesmerizing as her driving...

But in case you haven't been following her as much as we do (because, really now, who does?), below are photos that will erase whatever memory you have of the sweetie patootie Rhian. That's behind her now. It's time you meet the still-a-sweetheart but more confident and sexy Ms. Ramos.

Let's start off with these...


The selfies

The series of photos we hope to be a part of soon

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More Rhian the racer

You know what's the only thing missing from her Instagram feed? An FHM cover. But first, help her improve her 100 Sexiest ranking by clicking here!

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