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5 Restaurants That Can Sate Your Shellfish Cravings

When you're in the mood for some deep sea dishes
by Anne Mari Ronquillo | Mar 13, 2018
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Too impatient to separate shrimp from its shell or crack crabs for consumption, but still want to satisfy your stomach with some delicious seafood?

From oysters and clams to scallops and mussels, shellfish are the only way to go if you're looking for a seafood alternative to everyday favorites like tilapia and bangus. And once prepared in your favorite restaurants, each dish is given a unique twist that only adds to the experience. 

Here are some of FHM's go-to establishments:


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We know that when you hear oyster sisig, Boracay memories come flooding into your mind faster than you can say cliché. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can create your own memories right here in Kapitolyo! Locavore’s take on the oyster sisig may be a little too risky with the addition of lechon bits, but you tend to forget your worries when you’re eating straight out of a mini cast iron pan. 

Xiu Fine Cantonese Dining

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If clams are what you’re after, but can’t be bothered to use your hands to touch your food, then it’s best to head to a place where people applaud your utensil skills. Xiu’s Steamed clams with vermicelli presents a lightly seasoned dish set up to bring out some fresh sea flavors.

Another crazy delicious offering would be the deep fried scallops with taro and truffle. It must have taken some great imagination (perhaps a culinary arts degree, too) to come up with something like this. Still hungry? They also serve the Typhoon Shelter Crab, a dish loaded with garlic, spice, and everything nice.


La Tienda

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If you like waiting or just enjoy a slow approach to life, then La Tienda’s Paella Valenciana is something that you must try at least once. This dish is famous for taking around 45 minutes to prepare. The decor makes a worthwhile restaurant out of La Tienda, and you can ask one of the servers to tell you about the lovely china affixed on the beams and walls. Do they fall during earthquakes? Have you ever used them when you were short on plates? You can ask all these and more as you splurge on a glass of sangria.

El Cangrejo

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El Cangrejo may be all about the crab and steak (rich people food), but they also serve some mean baked scallops that will make you wonder if mer-people have it better down there. They probably do, so go for the seafood platter and sample all the nice shell-y goodness that the Pacific has to offer.


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This poetic Filipino restaurant wows with Protacio’s Pride: a baked mussel dish filled with garlic and cheese. It’s the four-cheese pizza of the marine world. Their sauteed prawns in aligue is a match made in ocean heaven. Also go for the seafood kare-kare if you have more room in your belly.


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