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10 Signs You're A Pinoy Otaku

Are you as crazy for the same things as <em>FHM</em> cover girls Alodia Gosiengfiao and Myrtle Sarrosa?
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Mar 25, 2015
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You see their kind flock the malls every time there's an anime movie showing in cinemas or there's a comic convention happening. Though some may see them as weird, these anime/manga-crazy people think it's pretty normal to believe that they can master ninjutsu and become ninjas, dye their hair blonde and instantly become Son Goku, and anyone who insist that animes are just Japanese cartoons should be kamehame'd.

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Their obsession with animes and mangas has brought about their own culture, one with a truly unique fashion sense, J-Pop knowledge, and a love for DIY costumes and cosplay. They see FHM cover girl Alodia Gosiengfiao as their queen, and for some reason count also the cutest girls to pal with (Myrtle Sarrosa, anyone?). It ain't that bad to be one, right?

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Or maybe you're already one but didn't you were? You know Naruto, right? How about Sakuragi? And do you also find hentai hot?

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Scroll down below and find out if you're a fellow Pinoy otaku!

1)   Morning anime shows like Slam Dunk, Detective Conan, Hajime No Ippo and One Piece get you late for work.

Bakit ba kasi inabot ng 30 minutes yung three-point shot ni Kogure bago ma-shoot?

2)   You know manga releases and schedules by heart.

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Ang tagaaal mag-Thursday!

3)   You secretly practiced/memorized a jutsu hand seal once in your life

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...while screaming the name of the technique inside your head.

4)   Your evening surfing routine includes Facebook, Instagram, and Mangafox.

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Or MangaPanda. Or MangaCat. Wait, is there a MangaHoneyBadger? Because that'll be badass for sure!

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5)   Gundams are not robots.

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There's just no way a robot can be this cool.

6)   You know a few words/can understand Japanese even if you didn't study Nihongo.

FHM's Sexy GIFs To End The Week: Mai Hakase Is Reason Number One Why Summer Can't Come Fast Enough


7)   Costume parties mean you can finally cosplay without losing your dignity

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Finally, you can be Goma-Goma Boy and become Strawhat Luffy!

8)   You've bought at least one of these items (or thinking of having one, at least).

Either that or you're just a big pervert.

9)   You tend to become friendly with other people who read manga / watch anime.

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"Senpai, is that porn?"

10)   You'll choose Alodia over Anne Curtis any given day.

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