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Simple Ways to Fight Air Pollution!

<p>Getting rid of city smog ain't as easy as it sounds</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 21, 2010
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As long as gasoline-ran vehicles roam the entirety of EDSA, factories continue to make use of chimneys bursting with toxic chemicals, and citizens remain heavy with their cigarette kicks, air pollution will never cease away.

And so do the effects air pollution brings. There are no crystal-clear resolutions taking place so far, but let’s not kill off the idea of having one, yes?

Pollution has come to a point of being inevitable, though we can most certainly try and make an effort to shield ourselves from it.

Here are some of the best and simple ways to fight air pollution:

Fact #1: Two million people die from air pollution every year

And in the Philippines, around 87,000 every year. A World Health Organization report indicates that more than half of the burden from air pollution on human health is borne by people on developing countries.

DENR also estimates that motor vehicles are responsible for up to 70% of air pollution in our country. The outskirts of Metro Manila are indeed as polluted as it is populated.

Least we can do is:
While off-putting air pollution is beyond our control, we do have the smart option to limit ourselves from being exposed. Try not to commute on rush hours, a time where most air-polluting vehicles arrive.

Best we can do is:
Better yet, make it a habit to take up herbal supplements with N-Acetyl cysteine, a kind of antioxidant that helps prevent oxidative damage in our lungs caused by pollution and boosts other powerful natural antioxidants.

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