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Social Media Isn't Just Ruining Your Brain, But Also Your Career

Unplug from the digital abyss
by Tanya Umali | Nov 24, 2016
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It's normal for people nowadays to have at least one social media account. It even seems a bit odd if people find out that you're not a member of Facebook or don't even know how Instagram works. In fact, even jobs require you to be tech savvy. Being a social media manager is even a profession since a lot of people are need the internet for their businesses.

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Though social media is a huge part of our professions, having no involvement in these platforms could uplift your image to make you stand out among a sea of social media drones. 

According to Cal Newport, author and associate professor of computer science at Georgetown University, you'd be more valuable and interesting if you aren't tainted by social media use. 

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“Consider that the ability to concentrate without distraction on hard tasks is becoming increasingly valuable in an increasingly complicated economy. Social media weakens this skill because it’s engineered to be addictive," says Newport.  

"The more you use social media in the way it’s designed to be used—persistently throughout your waking hours—the more your brain learns to crave a quick hit of stimulus at the slightest hint of boredom," he adds. 

Basically, social media is affecting your attention span by decreasing it. Since this generation is having a hard time concentrating on one task, social media relieves this by killing your boredom and focusing on browsing your newsfeed instead. 

In fact, studies even show that it can take up to 15 to 25 minutes for the brain "to get back where it was after stopping to check an email."

So, if you really want to excel in your career, try to focus on doing your assigned tasks instead of turning to social media all the time for help. 

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