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5 Classic Summer Drinks To Add Your Arsenal Of Party Cocktails

Every dude should learn to mix these up, pronto!
by Ria Esguerra | Apr 21, 2018
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The heat is on, and what’s better than a day spent lounging by the beach? The answer: a chill night with refreshing drinks and good company! Whether you’re planning to party it up with the bros or spend a romantic evening with bae, a man needs to know how to whip up some summer cocktails to class things up.

At the launch of the JohnnieWeekend Creators Lab Series, we chatted up Diageo Philippines’ brand ambassador Rian Asiddao for some quick and easy cocktail ideas. According to him, “a summer cocktail needs to be long—not straightforward na puro spirits. It needs to be refreshing, more on the fruity, sweeter side, and of course needs to be cold.” You’re definitely free to come up with your own cocktails, but before you get to experimenting, we suggest you try his no-fuss recommendations below, enjoy them beachside, poolside, or just at a regular weekend house party, and thank us later.

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What you’ll need: A good quality tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, lots of ice

“Majority of people will think of margaritas as drinks for the ladies, but really, if you have a proper margarita, anyone can enjoy this summer staple,” says Asiddao. “I prefer Don Julio Reposado, which is 100% agave tequila and has that smoky and oak-y taste as well. It pairs perfectly with the lime juice and the triple sec, Cointreau, or whichever orange liqueur you go with.”

Pro tip: Just throw all these in the blender together with ice and you can enjoy a superb frozen margarita.

Johnnie’s Spades

What you’ll need: Johnnie Walker Black, maple syrup, lemon juice, grapefruit juice & slice

“I dedicated this cocktail to one of our featured Creators, IV of Spades. It’s a variation of the whiskey sour using Scotch instead of the traditional bourbon, with maple syrup as an earthy sweetener,” Asiddao explains. “Feeling ko pasok siya sa personalities ng band members ng IV of Spades and I feel like ang cocktail kasi is like a band. Each ingredient plays a different part or instrument and when you combine them, they create harmony—a very wonderful song,” Asiddao adds.


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What you’ll need: rum, lime, sugar, mint, soda water

“This one’s another surefire winner,” Asiddao notes. “It’s really tropical, refreshing, very citrusy and minty. As with any cocktail, you can change things up. You can try using whisky instead of rum. Personally, I prefer using brown sugar for my mojito para may earthy flavor.”

Double Team!

What you’ll need: Johnnie Walker Double Black, ginger beer, lime soda, cucumber, black pepper, thyme

“This is essentially a highball, which is a combination of a base spirit and a mixer. I just switched the usual ginger ale with ginger beer which is non-alcoholic and a bit heavier than ale,” says Asiddao. “Ang difference nila, ang ale parang soda lang, while ginger beer has a component of fermentation. The hints of cucumber and pepper add to that refreshing feeling with every sip.” 

Peach and Gold

What you’ll need: Johnnie Walker Gold Label, peach syrup, Angostura bitters, orange

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“Basically, it’s an Old Fashioned with a fruity twist for that summer-y feel. I imagine sipping on this in the afternoon by the beach. Not really a super refreshing drink, but if you want something to drink slowly, this will do,” Assidao guarantees.


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