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Ice Cream Shop Date Ideas For Every Budget

Sweets for your sweet?
by Vinz Lamorena | Mar 10, 2018
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The summer season is already making its presence felt and there’s no better way to cool down than with ice cream. The fun bit about this frozen treat is that it comes in dozens of flavors, but the dessert connoisseurs were obviously not satisfied and just had to get creative.

Almost every sweet and savory delight has found its way inside an ice cream tub these days. It’s also paired with all kinds of pastries and snacks, and served in different ways, making each scoop a real indulgent heat beater. Here's where you can get your ice cream fix because our ideal beach bodies can wait another day, right?

1) Mcdonald’s Dessert Kiosks

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Soft-serve sundaes are a real cheap thrill and we’re not gonna deny it. Things are better since Mcdonald’s desserts stations, which are often found near train stations and inside malls, now allow you to make your own sundae. Not a fan of the usual fudge? Then choose the toppings of your very own sundae mix! We recommend the matcha sauce and oreo sundae combination, which tastes like the Oreo McFlurry but this one saves you a few pesos. #CheapHacks

Budget Needed: P15 to P50

2) Sebastian’s Ice Cream

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Get to enjoy a different kind of brownie a la mode with Sebastian’s newest dessert ice cream bars. Taking inspiration from the chocolate bar Twix, the newest flavors of Chubby Bars all have three lip-smacking layered textures—velvety cream, ooey gooey, and a chewy bite. This ice cream creation tastes a lot like truffles with peppermint, strawberry, vanilla, and salted caramel fillings, dipped in sumptuous dark chocolate sauce.

Budget Needed: P95 to P465

3) Llaollao

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We know frozen yogurt or froyo is supposed to be the healthy alternative for ice cream, but we gotta admit we’re all sinners when it comes to satisfying our sweet tooth cravings. There are loads of toppings to choose from llaollao’s froyo stands. And, by law of Math combinations, there are 700 different ways to pair their fruits, crunches, and sauces. BTW, the dark chocolate sauce, caramel fudge, Lotus biscoff crumbs, and almond brittle are must-try toppings!

Budget Needed: P49 to P199


4) Gelatofix

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Try their ginger maki, which is a lot like soft mochi with sesame seeds for that additional crunch. Add a bit of mango jam for a surprising tang.

Budget Needed: P75 to P300

5) The Dessert Kitchen

If you’re missing the taste of Hong Kong eggettes, The Dessert Kitchen has perfected these street waffles. They serve it perfectly brown and crisp, adding hard ice cream to top the dish off. The frozen scoops are as thick as gelato and don’t melt as fast as regular ice cream. 

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Budget Needed: P150 to P300

6) Freezer Burn

Freezer Burn knows how to make ice cream feel like a real snack—they usually serve a huge scoop of ice cream with a deep-fried or baked treat. How can yuo go wrong with Nutella doughnuts with ice cream?

Budget Needed: P90 to P395

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