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The 10 Rules of Heckling

<p>Because there is an art to this juvenile favorite</p>
| Oct 23, 2009
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Two things: Maybe Wynne Arboleda shouldn't have lost it. Or maybe the heckler didn't do it right. Whatever. The truth is, the world would be boring without the hecklers of the world. Without them, sports—and gigs—would be a completely different experience...and would be an utter bore.

When done right, a good heckle can stump a speech, provide another layer of fun to the experience, and give a good thigh-slapping laugh. Here are rules every heckler, and would-be heckler should know!

10. Bawal pikon!
If you give it, be prepared to take it! Hecklers get heckled, too, so expect a quick, nasty comeback from a co-heckler. When this happens, bury your horns and just laugh it off. This goes for the heckled, too!

For instance: At the '94 NBA playoffs, Indiana Pacer Reggie Miller chokes off die-hard NY Knicks fan and director Spike Lee.

9. Do away with profanity
We mean, Wynne Arboleda.Remember that sports events are also for the whole family. The game is supposed to be wholesome and pure. The rule of thumb is, if you have to explain it to the kids, don’t say it. The public doesn’t tolerate hater heckles, too. And the celebs just might hear you.

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