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The 15 Things A Man Must Know: The FHM Bionic Edition

This week: Hugh Jackman's monstrous gym routine, Jabari Parker's ACL injury, and the new and improved Britney Spears, among others.
by Mars Salazar | Dec 18, 2014
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15 things

Here’s your regular dose of FHM-approved fitness trivia!

Get reading to know more about Hugh Jackman’s weightlifting prowess, Jabari Parker's ACL injury, and the new and improved Britney Spears!

Sad news for NBA fans: leading Rookie of the Year candidate Jabari Parker has torn his ACL and is expected to miss the rest of the season. Why, basketball gods? Why?

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Video via TYT Sports

You think your girlfriend’s yoga sessions are easy-peasy? Wait ‘til you actually try it out.

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Here’s the perfect gift for your runner kabarkada: The Jog Strap! Now available at your local jogging supply store.

Video via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

So real-life mutant Hugh Jackman can deadlift 435 pounds. We bet that one of these days he’ll slip and reveal that he really has adamantium claws.

Hugh JAckmanPhoto via

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Bad news for all the corny, poor, and skinny dudes out there: A study has revealed that ladies have better orgasms with funny, rich, and broad-shouldered men. Sorry.

15 things

A new study has shown that marijuana can actually boost your fitness routine. Isn’t that a good reason to puff up?

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Feeling extra lazy? Then congrats, these auto-lacing kicks are perfect for you.

Video via Powerlace Advanced Auto-Lacing Shoe Technology

Here’s a good reason to MOMOL: Kissing causes an exchange of up to 80,000 bacteria…which, as gross as it sounds, actually boosts your immune system. Pucker up!

15 things

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This sheep’s status as a four-legged creature isn’t stopping him from duking it out with a punching bag. What’s your excuse?

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Bikini-clad babes fishing in tiny bikinis. What more can a guy ask for?

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