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Ranking The Most Mouthwatering Sisig Dishes Around The Metro

This pulutan staple is a national treasure
by Mabie Alagbate | Oct 13, 2017
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Pinoy drinking sessions are never complete without the holy grail of pulutan, the almighty sisig. Whether or not it's served on a sizzling plate, on its own, or with a steaming cup of rice, there's no doubt that crunchy pork fat pairs well with your ice-cold beer. Just the mere thought of it is already making us drool. 

Now that you're craving it, here's a sisig showdown like no other. Stop counting those calories and indulge in some of the Metro's best sisig! Don't forget to wash it all down with a cold beer. 

10) Kabisera by Dencio’s

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Reliable and familiar is how we would describe Kabisera’s Pork and Beef Sisig. Served on a sizzling plate, it features a mix of crunchy pork (90 percent) and beef bits (10 percent). The combination gives it an interesting texture, with the beef providing a kind of pleasant break from the fattiness of pork. Drizzle with seasoning or soy sauce, and drizzle a bit of calamansi, and see it go within a few minutes. P395 gets you a plateful.

9) Elias by Crisostomo

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For P250, their all-pork Sisig Linares hits the sweet spot. Enjoy as it gets served to you with sizzling oil jumping up from the bottom of the platter. Mixed with onions and chives, the sisig has a delightful sweet and spicy kick to it, especially once you crush that lone red sili sitting boldly on top.

8) Razon’s of Guagua

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This is apparently not a very well-known fact, but FYI, the famed Halo-Halo place also serves a mean sizzling sisig. What makes it stand out is how the pork meat is served in different forms, from shredded to chunky slices. Give it a good mix to spread the spices out evenly throughout the dish. For P225, consider it a pleasant surprise, indeed.

7) Buddy’s

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They’ve got quite the sisig repertoire—not just stopping at pork, but also venturing into bangus, pusit, tuna, and even ampalaya. For this list, though, we set our focus on their ½ Sisig Pork with Egg, which is quite the steal for P120. It’s everything you can expect from sisig, making it one of the safer choices out there. Breaking the yolk of the egg sitting daintily on the side is oddly satisfying to watch as it seeps in and around the small mountain of sizzling pork meat in the middle.

6) Iceberg’s

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You know sisig must really be a staple hit with the Pinoys when even dessert parlors like Iceberg’s can’t help but put it on their menu. For P198, you can try their Famous Sisig, which, surprise, surprise, is their “most popular main dish." It’s a no-frills serving with the quintessential egg and rice pairing, but we would be remiss in our poseur foodie duties if we ever claim it to be basic.

5) Gerry’s Grill

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Needless to say, Gerry’s Grill, practically everybody’s gateway to Pinoy-style inuman sessions and putok-batok pulutans, is in this list. That generous heaping of beautifully cut up grilled and fried pig face, and then topped with a significant amount of crunchy chicharon is hard to forget. No matter how many more sisig places you discover or go to, this one will always feel like home. Cough up P207 for this timeless best seller.

4) El Chupacabra

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This Mexican joint fares very well in the sisig department, what with their super crispy pork meat glazed just right with oil and fat. Be warned though that their S.F. - Style Lean Pork Sisig (another best seller at P320) comes mixed with chilli—a most welcome treat for those who prefer fire in their meals. If you’d rather not have rice, we highly recommend getting tortilla wraps for an instant DIY sisig tacos. You’re welcome.

3) Aysee

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For P130, you get their Pork Sisig ala carte, but add P10 and you get that crowning glory of an egg. Infamous Ortigas traffic be damned, but distance is no object for folks hankering for a mean plate of sisig. The biggest come-on of this particular dish is the balance of flavors. Being laden with meat, fat, and oil, sisig can easily get too much for the tastebuds. At Aysee, however, they’ve got the seasoning just right. People do line up for this so expect to wait before you get your hands on it. Your patience will be greatly rewarded though, so don’t worry.

2) Manam

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This one was a tough call, we’ll have to admit. Manam has consistently served up one of the most delightful sizzling sisig platters in the metro ever since they opened their doors. The ratio of pork to fat is just right, and the chicharon mixed into this fray of goodness makes for a pleasant surprise of crackle and pop in your mouth. If you’re looking for top restaurant quality sisig, Manam’s House Crispy Sisig is our number one recommendation for you.

1) Rada Jollyjeep Sisig

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This unassuming sisig from the jollyjeep along Rada St. (2nd in front of the HRC building) in Legazpi Village is the city's best. The surprise that came with the first bite of this saucy, egg-wrapped sisig bundle of joy was just too overwhelming for our brains—and tummies—to handle. 

The dollop of mayonnaise on the side only adds to the already overwhelming cacophony of delicious flavors on the plate. Imagine just how much more glorious it can be if served on a sizzling platter! The cherry on top: P45 gives you VIP access to this heavenly meal (ala carte). Seriously, if you’re working in the area and have never had a bite of this treasure, you should be ashamed of yourself. 



Because making a top 10 list of all the good sisigs in town is not enough, we’ve come up with a bonus section featuring other sisig variations that are equally tasty and interesting.

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Tipsy Pig Gastropub

Burgos Circle, BGC

Try their Belly Good Sisig Tacos for P280. The pork belly is cooked perfectly, and that Asian soy gives it an elegant finish. Most important of all, enjoy that crunchy slice of pork fat sitting on top. If you want more, you can get the sisig platter, which features smaller versions (in 6 pieces) of the sisig tacos. This one is for P360.

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Meat Halfway

The Pantree, Castro cor. Dela Rosa

This up and coming establishment specializes in sisig, offering it in ricebowl meals, taco, and quesadilla variants. There’s something about the sisig itself that makes it smooth on the palette, with a mild but distinctly sweet aftertaste. We tried asking what was in the sauce, but the staff merely told us that it was “super secret." We recommend getting their Sisig Quesadilla (P130). The toasted quesadilla makes a great match to their crunchy sisig, and the melted cheese was just a delightful touch.

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Escobar Cantina

Metropolitan Ave., San Antonio, Makati City

Sisig Del Pablo (P205) is pork sisig, but not quite. It’s definitely unexpected if you’re looking for the traditionally diced meat dish. This one features thin liempo slices, slathered in thick, creamy sauce. The texture is certainly different from the ones we’re familiar with, sometimes even seeming like lengua for some reason. It’s tasty, though, so don’t be too quick to scratch this off your list on account of its unconventional serving. The runny egg on top, with minced parsley and hot sauce completes the flavour profile.

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