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Top Kanin Places For That Post-Basketball Game Grub

Extra rice, please!
by Mabie Alagbate | Aug 18, 2017
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For basketball aficionados, weekends are sacred. This is usually the only time out of a hectic week that guys get together with their liga friends to catch up and play some hoops. If your team wins, it’s obviously a reason to celebrate! If you lose, it’s a reason to get stuffed with comfort food. Either way, there’s nothing more celebratory or comforting than a hot, steaming bowl of freshly cooked rice served alongside your favorite ulam. Take note, you can also bring your #RiceIsLyf girlfriend here! 

1) Kanin Club

The great thing about this establishment is that you can pretty much find it anywhere in the metro. From TechnoHub in QC to Ayala Triangle in Makati, all the way to Westgate in Alabang, and even farther south in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, you can count on it to satisfy all your kanin cravings.

They don’t just serve your rice the plain ol’ way; they also have fun mixing up a party out of it. Have you, for example, tried their Loaded Fried Rice? By loaded, we mean ham, pork, scrambled eggs, Chinese sausage, and more. Or how about their Sinangag na Sinigang? Folks perpetually mixing up these two will never have to worry about getting their orders wrong ever again because you can have it both in one dish.

We can go on and on about their rice specialties, with Daing Fried Rice, Bagoong Fried Rice, Aligue Rice, and all other kinds of rice varieties they have. The point is: they’ve got rice, so eat up. If you can’t get enough of it, don’t worry too, because they’ve got All You Kanin, their unlirice upgrade.

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2) Mister Kabab

You’re missing out on one of the best things in life if you’ve never had Mister Kebab. Originally located along West Ave in Quezon City, this iconic Mediterranean restaurant is well-known and loved for its tasty grilled meat. Of course, who could ever enjoy their plateful of kebabs without that perfectly steamed rice topped with delicate butter, which then becomes even more perfect as you pour that heavenly garlic sauce all over?

If that did not get your mouth salivating, you’re a different kind of cold-hearted. Apart from the plain rice (which is definitely far from plain once you finish with the sauce), they also offer Beryani Rice for those who’d like some added spicy kick to their carbs, and an Upside Down Rice that’s fried rice packed with potato, ground beef, and Baguio beans. Mister Kebab has branches in West Ave., TechnoHub, Ayala Farview Terraces, Aurora Boulevard, Fisher Mall, SM Mezza, and Blue Wave Macapagal.

3) Rodic’s Diner

Rodic’s Diner is famous mainly for its tapsilog. This quintessential Pinoy dish is an easy go-to, what with a perfect balance of fried rice, meat, and sunny side-up served in one plate. Silog is their specialty, so whether it’s tapsi, jumbo, chicken, toci, or bacon, it pairs well with rice.

Rodic’s also serves other all-time Pinoy lutong-bahay favorites like sinigang, kare-kare, caldereta,sisig, lechon paksiw, and more. Depending on which branch you go to (UP Village, Legazpi Village, Congressional, Marikina), you can look forward to Rodic’s opening their doors to your tired and weary post-basketball bones for as late as 11PM.

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4) Recovery Food

Its name alone already guarantees that you’ll be able to recharge after downing their rice bowls. Sure, it’s usually associated with post-drinking sessions, but hey, if it’s good enough for when you’re buzzed, it should be just as great when you’re still pumped with basketball adrenaline, right?

This is especially a good choice because of the very generous servings that they have, particularly their rice bowls. You can opt for the regular serving, but if you’re feeling particularly hungry, you can always opt for the Full Recovery option. First-timers can start with their “Happy” bowls, as in Happy Beef Rice and Happy Chicken Rice. Another best-seller is Hey Jude’s Paksig, as well as Tapa de Morning. Rice served another way is Arroz Caldo, which you can get in either beef or chicken variants.

5) Rufo’s Famous Tapa

Rufo’s has been filling hungry bellies with yummy tapa rice meals since 1984! That basically makes it an institution in the field of silog meals. Reasonably priced and utterly filling, you can enjoy their famous tapa, corned beef, danggit, tocino, and a whole lot more.

Oh, the best part about Rufo’s is that they are open 24/7. So it doesn’t matter at what ungodly hour you get a craving for their silog meals, you can just pop right in and have one to your satisfaction. You can even have it delivered right to your doorstep in case you’d rather rest your sore muscles up at home.

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6) Sinangag Express

Who doesn’t know—or love—Sinangag Express? It’s a no-fuss-no-frills kind of establishment that simply gives you all the homey comfort food goodness on your plate. Out of all the kanin places in this list, this has the most number of branches, a testimony to its credibility and quality.

Their menu is filled with various silog varieties, from the well-loved tapsilog to chixsilog, as well as other dishes like porkchop, lucban longganisa, pork sisig, or even Super La Paz Batchoy. While they don’t serve unlirice, they do offer extra servings for a very affordable P12. Pair that with some kamatis with itlog na pula and you’ll have a hit in your hands. Salted-egg-something say what.

7) Tapa King

There’s no other king but Tapa King. They know their tapas like Pinoys would know the true state of traffic in EDSA. There’s simply no need to question it, it just simply is. And as testament to them knowing their market fully well, they serve All-Day Breakfast meals including hotsilog, tocilog, longsilog, and even lumpiang shanghai and beef steak.

If you want your rice cooked another way, they also serve the good ol’ comfort food that is champorado and tapa lugaw. In recent years, they’ve also expanded their menu to include other dishes like burgers and spaghetti, and even cakes for desserts.

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