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HOT CANS: Check Out These Cocktail-Inspired Urbanears Headphones!

Urbanears' latest headphones are vibrant, thanks to their new, cocktail-inspired colors! The <em>manginginom </em>in you will love this!
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 27, 2014
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If there's two other things we love aside from the hottest babes, the hottest gadgets, and other things we can describe as hot (not literally, unless when we're talking about a hot dish of bagnet), it's quality sounds and, yes, boobs booze. That's why when we learned about Urbanears' latest, cocktail-inspired headphones, we couldn't help but say "Patingin!"

Coming in three vibrant colors, Urbanears' Summer/Spring 2014 collection will fit the cocktail-guzzling, music-loving tomador to a tee. Check out the new shades below!


urbanears 2014 headphones

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Urbanears Humlan Forge-Me-Not (P2,250)

Forget the flower (pun intended), we're talking about the citrus/apple-flavored cocktail here. We reckon its ubeng-ube hue will fit your evening jogs, casual commutes, or even chill-out sessions nicely.


urbanears 2014 headphonesUrbanears Zinken Julep (P4,950)

We admit, Julep is one of those drinks we rarely get to try (mainly because the "un-sosyal" bars we usually go to don't serve it). For those who haven't tasted it yet, Julep is a classic cocktail made with bourbon whiskey topped with crushed ice and mint. Speaking of mint, Urbanears' take on Julep is a nice green with a tinge of blue—kinda like the (unlikely) harmonious combination of Ateneo's and De La Salle's fighting colors.

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urbanears 2014 headphonesUrbanears Plattan Citrus (P2,950)

With its sweet-sour taste, citrus perks up the senses like a couple of cups of coffee for the sleepyhead. Urbanears' citrus-inspired headphones also do the trick by sporting a bright shade of yellow-green. Wear it in public and the cans (and your pogi self) will immediately be noticed. As such, it will be great for those with fun-loving personalities who are not afraid to stand out.

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Note: Urbanears' cocktail-colored headphones are now available locally at Astrovision, Automatic Center, Avant, Beyond The Box, Bratpack, Buzz, Complex, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Egghead, Electroworld, Gadgets in Style, Gui, iCenter, iGig, iStudio, Mobile 1, Power Hub, Power Mac Center, ROX, Switch, Technoholics, Toby’s Arena, and Urban Athletics

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