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The Weirdest Pizza Flavors In The Philippines

There's a variant called poque-poque?!?
by Andrei Medina | Feb 24, 2017
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Ah, pizza... From the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to your everyday Juan, everybody just seems to love this delectable comfort food.

But it’s understandable that everyone has varying preferences like Iceland President Gudni Johannesson who recently quipped that pineapple toppings on pizza should be outlawed.

Unfortunately, he received backlash from angry Hawaiian pizza fanatics who took offense at his joke which forced the president to issue a clarificatory statement the sweet matter.

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For us Filipinos, it’s a lot simpler since pineapple toppings are a regular thing in the form of Hawaiian flavors which happens to be a standard staple in our favorite pizza joints. But did you know that we actually have our very own pizzas that are strange enough to weird you out?

Most of these weird flavors are found in the province of Ilocos which boasts mouth-watering viands like bagnet, sinanglao and Vigan longganisas to name a few.

We scoured social media in search for these weird pizzas so here is a short rundown of the strangest pizza flavors that can be found locally.

Pinakbet pizza

This must be the Philippine version of a vegan pizza. As we all know, pinakbet is mainly a veggie dish (meat can be added) composed of squash, eggplant, string beans and bitter gourd.

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Dinuguan pizza

Yes, you read that right. Apparently, the popular pork dish cooked with pig’s blood is also an exotic pizza flavor.

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Having a hard time choosing between the two? Why not have both!


Mango pizza

It’s not from Ilocos but if you have more of a sweet tooth then you’ll probably go for this fruity flavor from Guimaras, an island known worldwide for having the sweetest mangoes.

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Poque-poque pizza

Aside from its amusing name, the poque-poque is another veggie dish made with eggplant, tomatoes and eggs.

Bagnet pizza

Probably the easiest flavor to try among the group, bagnet is the Ilocano take on crispy fried pork belly dish which has similar variants in other regions. You can encounter different versions of the bagnet pizza like this longganisa spin-off.

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