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Why Are You Jizzing Early?

Here's how you can shed your One Minute Man monicker!
by Pong Castillo | Nov 18, 2013
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Imagine this: You've got your girl in your room, a sexy tune is on loop, and a steamy conversation is taking place. Next thing you know, you’re both naked!

And then you came. Waaaay too early.

She's not happy. You're ashamed.


What you've just experience was premature ejaculation, and it's not cool at all. If you can relate, just pray that she doesn't change your name in her saved contacts as "One Minute Man" or "Boy Bitin." You don't want to be legendary for all the wrong reasons.

Why do guys jizz early anyway? Is it a prevalent sexual disorder? Can it be avoided? Is there such a thing as delaying your orgasm? And is it caused by too much libog?

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'No, no, no, no... No! No! NOOOOO!'

We answer these questions to help you avoid continuing on your "loose cannon" ways. Scroll down for a crash course on premature ejaculation!


Premature ejaculation or PE is a guy’s shortcoming in pleasing a woman by ejaculating earlier than expected or as wished (kung ganun lang naman, we’re all afflicted). But by early, we mean as early as half a minute. Although it isn’t as serious as erectile dysfunction, it has the same negative
psychological impact on sufferers and their partners.


The prevalence of premature ejaculation varies by location and ethnicity. Experts say there’s no sole cause for this condition. Men may suffer from PE due to biological and psychological factors, and being too excited to have sex after a long hiatus may trigger this. So active manoys, you are a tad over dodging premature ejaculation.

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First off, you should know that it's never wrong to read about how your penis behaves. The most common cause of late detection (and delayed resolution) of PE among men is the lack of knowledge about it. It’s totally okay to ask your doctor, man-to-man, about the state of your family jewels. So, go and then, ask dok now!

But if you still need time to muster up enough courage to have a penis talk with your doctor, we've prepared a little infographic to help you understand what's wrong with your tite! Jump to the next page to see it!

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NEXT: A picture of a tite suffering from PE! Just joking, an infographic is waiting for you in the next page!

Source: McMahon CG, Lee G, Park JK and Adaikan PG. Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction Prevalance and Attitudes In The Asia Pacific Region. J Sex Med 2012; 9:454-465
Taken from FHM's October 2013 issue
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