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Why Company Leaders Wake Up Early And Why You Should Too

Get your head out of your pillow and go to work
by Tanya Umali | Jan 19, 2017
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Wake up, sleepy head, if you ever want to be successful in this lifetime. Yes, you're not the only one who thinks the bed is comfortable but a few people, those at the top of the corporate food chain for that matter, know how to control themselves and get out of bed early. 

You might doubt that waking up early has something to do with success, but research already proves it does. But why is waking up early such a common practice with successful people? What is the connection between getting up early and achieving goals? 

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Here a few good things about getting up early that you should consider following to boost your career:

You get a lot more done within the day

In an interview with Ms. Liza Woods, Alcatel regional director and Philippine country manager, she said that she wakes up early to get ahead of her daily tasks. "I wake up at 3 am, start working, and finish at around 8 or 9 in the evening with still plenty of time to get other things done and sleep early." She mentioned that she didn't use to wake up that early, but due to her desire to start and finish tasks, her body adapted to getting up before the sun rises. 

Less distractions

Career expert, Brenda Uy from Career Consultants, Inc. says that most successful people wouldn't want any distractions with their tasks, which is why waking up early is an advantage to them. "Working during the morning means no visual clutter and minimal noise so it would be better for them to concentrate." 


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Heightened senses

According to Uy, waking up early, especially for career-oriented individuals, gives them more energy and increased creativity. Somehow, getting up at an earlier time, from resting the entire evening, creates a heightened sense of alertness among people. 

Getting ahead of everyone else

"While everyone else is panicking, early risers remain calm and composed at sunrise since they've already had a head start during the earlier hours of the morning," notes Uy. Waking up early sort of preps your brain for the long day ahead. Since you have plenty of time to do some of your work ahead of others, you'll be less likely to panic because you're not in a rush. 

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You can eat breakfast

Breakfast is indeed the most important meal because it serves as your fuel to pump you up for the start of the day. Because you've slept the entire night, your body certainly has no power when morning comes. Food is the only way you can boost your energy. 

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