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The Most Mouthwatering Fast Food Treats That Are Under P150

In case you need a quick fix
by Khatrina Bonagua | May 17, 2017
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All hail fast food chains! These restaurants don't just give that affordable, instant gratification for our hungry stomachs, they also offer insanely delicious food choices that are actually at par with those expensive meals in fancy restaurants. Quick and yummy? Now, that’s irresistible. Hungry? You will be. Here are some of our fast food favorites, which greatly impressed our taste buds (and saved our poor bank accounts time and time again).

1) Tropical Hut’s Tropical Cheeseburger

P105 (with regular fries and drink)


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If you are craving for big, beefy, juicy burgers, then Tropical Hut’s Tropical Cheeseburger is the one for you. A certified classic, this best-selling chow has stood the test of time, and is in fact, still one of the most-raved about burgers in the country. Expect a mouthful of cheese, beef, and toppings with every bite. This is no ordinary fast food burger—just ask your dear old dad.

2) 3M Pizza’s Ham and Cheese Pizza

P135 (for pang-share size)


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Nothing beats an old-school favorite, and with more than 40 years in the business, 3M Pizza has indeed proven that simpler is always better. The perfect example? Their Ham and Cheese Pizza with tasty, thinly sliced ham, a generous serving of melt-in-your-mouth cheese, and tangy tomato sauce.. They say less is more, and this 3M classic proves just that. If you have the extra budget, we say, go for 3M Surpreme (Read: Pinoy style spaghetti sauce).

3) Burger Machine’s Sansrival

Around P20 (per piece)


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Aside from selling yummy, affordable burgers, Burger Machine also sells Sansrival. Although it’s a bit smaller than what you get at fancy restaurants, don’t underestimate this one, as each bite contains creamy butterscotch goodness, balanced off with the crunchiness of the crust and cashews. 


4) McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries

P70 (a la carte)


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Creamy Truffle, Cheddar & Sour Cream, or Classic BBQ? Go ahead, pick your poison. Hands down, Mcdonald’s Shake Shake Fries is one of our favorites from this fast food chain. Each piece is oozing with your chosen flavor, which sometimes, you can’t help but wonder if they put some kind of spell on that flavorful powder. It’s sinful, we know. But this one is an addiction we wouldn’t want to cure any time soon.

5) KFC’s Sisig Bowl

P117 (with regular fries and drink)


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If you’re a fan of the staple pulutan, then this dish will definitely satisfy your sisig-cravings. It has the perfect combination of crispiness and spiciness, that you wouldn’t believe it’s a fast food item. Plus, it has a generous serving of hotshots, that we won’t judge you if you order another round of rice.

6) Jollibee’s Spaghetti and Chicken Meal

P110 (with regular drink)


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We believe this one is self-explanatory. But you know what’s better? Make the chicken spicy and add an order of extra rice. 


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