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Dec 10, 2012
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We’re not about to mince words and tell you that we are perfectly fine with Pacquiao’s loss. We aren’t.

Marquez’s final blow, a shot heard around the world, was beautiful and stunning. And we wish it didn’t have to come at the expense of Pacquiao and his legacy—and consequently, our ability to sleep at night. We were among those who had trouble sleeping last night as the image of a once invincible warrior falling like a log replayed in our heads.

So for the sake of our sleep patterns, we’ve decided to do the logical thing, which is to completely erase that horrible memory. To do that, we turned to Youtube, where we scoured for hilarious knockouts that took our breath away NOT in a “Holy-Crap-Is-Pacquiao-Really-Unconscious” kind of manner.

Here are ten of them:

1) Capoeira Knockout

It’s funny because: Getting knocked out by a wild, lucky, double-cart-wheeling foot-to-the-face is just as shameful as calling yourself a Tekken expert and then promptly losing to a button-mashing Eddy Gordo player.

2) Double knockout

It’s funny because: A draw by way of a double decker is the worst kind of draw ever.

3) Wallop fest

It’s funny because: Okay, so no knockout actually occurs, but check out that dude’s busted face! He’s like Margarito, only Japanese!

4) Referee gets clocked clean

It’s funny because: this kind of thing is rare outside of slapstick comedy and the WWE.

5) Fighting with eyes closed

It’s funny because: the boxer has just given the whole business of throwing punches blindly an entirely new definition.

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