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Boston versus Los Angeles. Celtics versus Lakers. Sound familiar? The two teams evoke memories of a fierce rivalry dating back to when Virra Mall was stood like an inverted V, party line was a popular competitive sport, and it was still acceptable for men to go out of the house with spray nets on their head. [firstpara]
Those things are gone now. Save the rivalry between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Did you all know that of the 17 Celtic championships, nine of them came at the Lakers' expense?

On the flip side, out of the Lakers' 15 titles, only two came against the Celtics? That pretty much says it all. If it weren't for the assistance of a little Magic, LA would probably be "0-for-ever" against the C's.

And now that we're on the precipice of Game 1 of the 2010 NBA Finals between these two teams, here are five reasons why the Celtics will - once again - hoist the Larry O'Brien trophy at the expense of the Los Angeles Lakers.

1. Who's guarding Rondo?
The prospect of watching Rajon Rondo run circles around that 92-year geriatric of a point guard named Derek Fisher will be as enjoyable to watch as being in the front row of a mud wrestling, pillow fight match between two FHM babes.

Oh wait, are you saying that Kobe's picking up Rondo? Alright, then let's see Mr. Fisher try chasing around Ray Allen through all those screens - all legal, by the way - Boston sets for him.

Fisher's going to be gassed by the two-minute mark of the first quarter in every game. GUARANTEED. Let's set an over/under on how many airball 3's Fisher throws up in the series—7.5 sound fair?

Now, back to Rondo. He's going to be the difference in this series, mainly because outside of Kobe, no one's got even a puncher's chance of stopping him.

He's fast, he's cunning, and he never runs out of gas, something that should come in handy whenever any one of those Fakers begin to double over in exhaustion.

2. The Celtic Mystique
Call it a case of trauma, a result from losing to the Celtics one too many times but whenever the Lakers play in Boston, they seem to be out of their element from the moment they set foot in the city, let alone inside the Garden.

The only Laker that was impervious to this was Magic Johnson and he's not going to pull a Paul Pierce and come out of the tunnel to theme of 'Rocky' anytime soon.

Whether it's those leprechauns, Russell swatting away every shot West and Baylor took, McHale's clothesline on Rambis, Bird draining all those dagger threes, and Pierce being carted out of the court on a wheelchair only to come back and - heroically - save the day, the Lakers seem to have been traumatized by anything that has ‘Celtics’ written in front of the jersey.

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