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The NBA season is finally over and the Los Angeles Lakers are the champions. Hooray. [firstpara]Okay. Time to move on. We're now setting our sights on the next big event on the NBA calendar.

Fortunately that 'next big thing' happens to be tomorrow. That, dear friends, is the NBA Draft.

The Draft is the culmination for all those teams that sucked so bad during the season that they're left with little else than getting first dibs on the finest college/international players looking to make a name for themselves in the NBA.

This year’s draft is pretty stocked up in talent; let’s not waste anyone’s time leafing through all of the prospects that are scheduled to be scooped up by all 30 teams.

Instead, here's a not-so expert look at the five players who will figure to be the hottest commodities in the draft.

John Wall. This guy certainly needs no introduction. As the consensus number 1 pick, the chances of Wall slipping past the first pick is as remote as the prospect of LeBron James signing with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Often prototyped as a bigger Derrick Rose, John Wall has all the skills to not only be a future star in the league, but to go down as an all-timer.

And on top of that, he's got the charisma, the demeanor, and the humility to become a true franchise cornerstone.

Evan Turner. He isn't getting the same hype as John Wall, but it doesn't mean that the Ohio State product doesn't have the skills to be an impact player in the NBA.

Part of that can be attributed to Wall's charisma and flair for the dramatic; Turner's game is purely substance over style.

He may not be a living highlight reel, but Turner's a certified stat stuffer, similar to some dude in Portland that didn't get as much love as he should have in the 2006 NBA Draft and is now the unquestioned superstar of a loaded Portland Trailblazer team.

Stand up and be recognized, Evan Turner. There's no harm in being considered as the second coming of Brandon Roy.

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