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May 26, 2015
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The Golden State Warriors were looking to finish off the Houston Rockets in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals. Next thing we know, season MVP Steph Curry suffers a nasty fall midway through the second quarter while his team was trying to catch up to a red-hot Rockets team.

Video via NBA Highlights

Even though he was diagnosed with a head contusion, Curry was still able to return to the game, but it still wasn't enough to keep the home team from pulling off a much-needed 128-115 win.

Curry's fall not only hurts the Warriors' overall roster health, but also brings to mind some of the most cringe-worthy spills and it-doesn't-get-any-more-awkward-than-this landings in recent basketball memory, many of which ended in tragic injuries we don't wish to happen to anyone.

We list down eight of them here as a little reminder to everyone to always keep it safe, even if you're just playing a supposedly harmless game of hoops.


Video via misterbasketduke

What happened with the lanky, 6'7" point guard sort of pioneered the trend of gruesome injuries caught on tape. Just when you thought a missed transition layup couldn't get any worse, Livingston, then a member of the Los Angeles Clippers, injured almost every part of his knee when his left leg snapped laterally upon his fall during a game against the Charlotte Bobcats in 2007. He has since got back on track with a productive stint with the Brooklyn Nets last season, and currently, with the Warriors.


Video via MyVid3oBlog

Expectations were high for the hulking Aussie when he was selected No. 1 at the 2005 NBA Draft by the Milwaukee Bucks. Having a breakout '09-'10 season (to the tune of 15.9 points, 10.3 rebounds, and 2.6 blocks per game) Bogut, in a game against the Phoenix Suns, didn't get the finish he wanted from a breakaway dunk. He landed awkwardly on top of his arm, dislocating his right elbow in the process. Like Livingston, he was able to return and is now a vital piece of the Dubs' championship run.


Video via Tai GHQ

Primed for a superb '14-'15 season following his continuous improvement and matchups with LeBron James, George was included to the US National Team training roster. His hopes of finally conquering the Miami Heat and representing the country at the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain were washed away by a horrific compound fracture he suffered during an exhibition game in Las Vegas last year. He has since returned to the Indiana Pacers' lineup and is looking forward to helping his team return to playoff contention next season.



Video via nbaus3030

Need we say more? The 2011 NBA MVP has had one of the more compelling storylines for a professional basketball, with some of his fans turning into doubters with every installment of #TheReturn. So, after a heartbreaking series of injuries, surgeries, re-injuries, and re-surgeries (if that's even a word), it's good to see him finally—albeit slowly—returning to form. But we'll have to admit, every time D Rose hits the deck, we're all with the whole Bulls organization in holding our breaths.


One particularly headline-grabbing hoops injury happened to a sophomore guard of the University of Louisville around three years ago.

Video via mrshoecollector

Kevin Ware's attempt to block Duke Blue Devil Tyler Thornton's three-point shot in a game in 2012 ended in a brutally-graphic compound fracture even worse than what happened to Paul George. NBA players, as well as athletes from other sports, showed their support on social media for the college kid's recovery. His team went on to win that year's national championship, while Ware returned to the court almost eight months after the freak accident.

Our own play-for-pay league, the Philippine Basketball Association, also has its fair share of severe slips and spills:



Before his recent hospitalization following a PBA Legends exhibition game, The Skywalker faced countless injuries during his playing days in the PBA. Yep, Samboy is no stranger to deadly drops, like the ones in the video above. Get well soon, idol!


Video via InterAksyon Philippine Online News

A player who was just starting to gain footing in the PBA, Eugene Tejada saw his basketball career flash before his eyes when he fractured a vertebrae in a game against the Red Bull Barako in 2006. While it proved to be a career-ending injury, what's more disheartening was the fact that he might not be able to walk again. Thankfully, that wasn't the case, as Tejada was able to regain control of his legs and walk again after a year of therapy.


Video via PBA PBA PBA

This one's quite recent, happening during Game 4 of the Alaska-Rain or Shine semifinal duel of the 2014 PBA Governor's Cup. Casio intercepted a pass and sped off for an uncontested go-ahead basket, but he slipped on a wet spot, wasn't able to convert the layup, and even got injured. Casio was unable to play in the next game and the Aces lost the series. Well at least his injury was relatively minor compared to the rest on this list.