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Mar 1, 2014
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Congratulations to the San Mig Super Coffee Mixers for winning the 2014 PBA Philippine Cup championship! Ibang klase nilaro niyo, mga bro!

2014 philippine cup finalsImage credit: Spin.ph

The recently concluded Philippine Cup Finals was a sight to behold (or avoid, if you have a heart problem). It was six grueling games between two stellar teams, the Rain Or Shine Elasto Painters and the Coffee Mixers. It was Pinoy basketball of the highest level, with every ticket sold and minute watched on TV or live streaming feeling all-so-sulit. It also reminded us of our favorite telenovelas.

Yes, telenovelas...and the damn good ones at that! Not the manliest of comparisons, sure, but if you're the kind of dude who likes sweat-filled, testosterone-fueled action with constantly shifting storylines and polarizing characters, that Finals series was heaven on the hardcourt.

But before you say "Anlabo!" or ask, "Adik ba kayo?" examine first our reasons below. Read on and you'll find out why we think this year's Philippine Cup title games were as colorful as James Yap's lovelife Ser Chief and Maya's quirky relationship! (Speaking of Maya, how's her pregnancy? Is it true she's having twins? Will there also be a live birthing special? #BCWMYaddict #JodiStaMariaMagFHMKaNa #Please)


These are a dime a dozen in soaps. The same can be said for the Finals. Just when everybody thought ROS will beat the crap out of San Mig after that thrilling Game 1, Marc Pingris and co. bounce back and take a commanding 3-1 lead.


How about the fact that there were no major scuffles in the seriesa fairly different scenario from when the two teams met in the 2013 Governor's Cup Finals. We were secretly waiting for Pingris vs. Araña Part Two, or another Yap vs. Ibanes simplehan match. Surprisingly, these didn't happen. Bummer!


2014 philippine cup finals

There are at least a few "Di nga?!"-inducing trivia in a telenovela, like the oft-used "Ako ang nanay mo" twist. We can think of at least two in the San Mig vs. ROS duel:

  • 1) Did you know that ROS big man Beau Belga was originally drafted by Purefoods (now San Mig) in 2007?
  • 2) On the flipside, the Mixers' Joe Devance was picked first overall byget this—the Welcoat Dragons (also in 2007), which is now Rain or Shine!



Every good telenovela has a good backstory. San Mig vs ROS had one, too. Before the Finals, the two teams had met twice in a playoff series since 2012, and Yeng Guiao's crew won both. This set up the revenge (for the Mixers) and kontrapelo angles (for the Elasto Painters) of the matchup. As we all know, it's always nice to have a bit of history between adversaries, may it be in a TV show or on the basketball court.




While no player or coach was reported to have cried during games, there was a lot of drama going on. From the Mixers' heartbreaker of a loss in Game 1 to Rain Or Shine's now infamous partial walkout in Game 6, the Finals had enough of the Big D to make an already explosive matchup become memorable. Hey, coach Yeng! Like it or not, your little stunt in the last game will be the stuff of inumans from hereon out, and will be etched in the PBA history book. Ilabas na ang P2 million!

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