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Sep 5, 2014
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We are currently in one of those zones when few other things can distract us from hoops. With the Philippines coming off a largely impressive outing in the 2014 FIBA World Cup, we've been consuming a large amount of reads, videos, and TV replays on the matter. 

This has led us to our new favorite YouTube channel for this week: BBALLBREAKDOWN! 

You've probably seen all those hoops channels on YouTube that focuses on slams, ankle breakers, and all manners of highlights. BBALLBREAKDOWN is quite the opposite. Now with around 165,000 subscribers, the channel is helmed by a former high school varsity coach known by his handle "Coach Nick" who has, in the words of his own channel, "dedicated himself to preserving the fundamentals of basketball." Instead of wowing us with people dunking on other people, Coach Nick uses NBA footage to break down games analytically, and with sound technique and technical details in mind. 

One can't help but feel an increase in ball-smarts after watching a few videos from the YouTube channel that's quickly become the most popular destination for anyone who wants to really learn more about playing the sport. Its use of footage from games we actually want to watch and deep breakdown of the plays within make it essential viewing for hardcore hoopsters. 

We've mostly featured goofy, fun channels in this series, but this week, we'll check out something far more useful than another cat video. Below, we've selected a few clips from BBALLBREAKDOWN that we're quite sure is going to improve your game against your weekly pickup basketball crew or your most hated inter-barangay rival. 

1)   Lessons from Philippines Vs. Argentina

The hoops lesson: The help defense or the double team shouldn't come from the man defending a guy that's just "one pass away" from the ball handler. This opens up the offense far too easily, and instead the help should come from the weak side, to allow the team to recover when the ball moves. 

2)   The formula for beating U.S., according to Turkey

The hoops lesson: Good international teams use the drive not as a primary scoring method but rather as a way to suck up defenders and open up guys on the perimeter. Turkey does this in their relatively close fight against the U.S., which is a team that some have noticed can be prone to overhelping. 

3)   The secret to scoring, according to Jeremy Lin's game


Hoops lesson: The motion of the drive fake or the jab step and the actual drive must be the same to keep defenders guessing whether you're going to take it strong to the hole or you're going to pull up for a jumper. Balance is key when pulling off a jab step and then quickly launching a jumper. 

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