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Mar 10, 2014
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If Freddie Roach would ask for our assistance in getting Manny Pacquiao all pumped up and ready for his rematch with Timothy Bradley, we’d be on the job immediately. What we would do is sit down with Manny and present to him our very own countdown of fights from which the winners astoundingly avenged their previous losses.

We’d hate to see our Pambansang Kamao go through the same route as some boxers, who failed several times before finally beating their rivals (Juan Manuel Marquez, don't choke on your burrito).

That being said, below are our Top 10 resbak fights that could very well inspire Manny to kick Bradley’s muscle-bound, no-ligo-for-fight-week butt a month from now, April 13 (Manila time). Consider this your most important YouTube video session, PacMan!

10. Rafael Marquez vs. Israel Vazquez 2

Warming things up are Mexicans Israel Vasquez and Juan Manuel's bro, Rafael Marquez.

Out of the four wars they fought, warfare number two stands out because it was the barnburner that had the least debatable result. In their first back and forth battle, Vazquez had to surrender his WBC Super Bantamweight title to Marquez due to a broken nose.

Not finishing the fight in his own terms is a no-no for a man with balls as big as Vazquez’s. A sequel just had to happen.

In part two, Vazquez capitalized on the opportunity when Marquez refused to go by one of boxing’s oldest adages, “never hook with a hooker." Rafael tried to match Israel’s favorite punch to no avail. Vazquez’s hellacious left hooks finally took full effect as Marquez’s legs checked out in the sixth, giving the referee no choice but to end the violence.

Vazquez regained his crown, exacted retribution using his signature weapon, and his scintillating fight with Marquez was named 2007’s fight of the year by Ring magazine.

Now, that’s a legit threesome right there.


9. Muhammad Ali vs. Leon Spinks 2

The Greatest, Muhammad Ali, had his share of setbacks as his career winded down.

One of them was a gargantuan upset when he faced a 6-0 opponent in light heavyweight Olympic champion, Leon Spinks. Practically a rookie in the pro ranks, Spinks nabbed Ali’s titles by outworking the aging champ.

This didn’t sit well with the one of the most prideful competitors ever. The Louisville Lip went through one final rigorous training camp as he geared up for revenge. When Ali-Spinks 2 went down, Muhammad benefited from the great shape he was in, and his ring savvy, or in local parlance, “gulang.” Muhammad dominated the younger Spinks and earned the honor of becoming the first man to win a heavyweight championship on three separate occasions.


If Manny can’t get the KO, there’s no shame in outpointing the very durable Bradley and becoming a two-time welterweight king.


8. Lennox Lewis vs. Oliver McCall 2

During the second round of their 1994 WBC Heavyweight championship bout in London, heavyweight legend Lennox Lewis’ undefeated streak ended after eating a right hand from Amercian heavy-hitter, Oliver McCall.

Lewis had lost in front of his countrymen, so you could just imagine how he must’ve felt. It took three years, though, before he could do anything about it. When the two mammoths crossed paths again, the fans saw the Brit take a more tactical, more disciplined approach that dumbfounded the Atomic Bull.

In between rounds four and five, one of the strangest incidents in boxing history unfolded. McCall, with his huge muscles and macho beard, started crying. The dude was literally bawling, just like moms do when they’re watching a Vilma Santos flick. It’s either Lewis got the poor guy psyched out of his wits or the Atomic Bull just had too much of Breaking Bad's Walter White’s addictive stuff the night before.

Oliver’s corner convinced him to continue but the ref had seen enough craziness and stopped the bout. Getting the KO win is always special but out-boxing someone and leaving him in tears is a one of a kind achievement. If we'd been there, we'd probably go "Ay iyaken, ha ha ha!"


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